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July 15, 1997
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"If it's to die, die laughing at them"
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An ordinary main Demon Avenger from Luna (IGN: Nostrides). I hardly do sleep, anytime at night you log in you may find me
  • Nexon Earned $279Million in 2017!!!!!

    Have you ever took a look at Nexon's investment report? NA Represents less than 10% of their profit, being China the greatest (something like 40%), then Korea, they don't put much more money on GMS cause they don't want to suck other maples for making GMS better, that's why they closed EMS.
    Better thing in my opnion would be to make single client with server/region selection (like GMS with NA/EU, but for all regions)
  • Kanna's Ether Pulse in Spirit Savior Bug Fix

    Just delete Kanna already and give a coupon for current Kannas to become another mage LuL
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    Eligibility: The Promotion is open only to: (a) legal residents of: (i) the United States of America (including all territories and possessions thereof); Canada (excluding Quebec); (b) who are at least thirteen (13) years of age as of the start of the Promotion Period (defined below); (c) who are registered users of nexon.net (registration is free) and players of MapleStory (playing MapleStory is also free); and (d) who have never been banned or suspended, or had an account banned or suspended, for hacking or similar violations of any of Sponsor’s license agreements or Sponsor’s terms of service. Entrants under the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence must have their parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate in the Promotion, and must provide evidence of such permission reasonably satisfactory to Sponsor upon Sponsor’s request. Failure to do so will result in that entrant being ineligible to win a prize in the Promotion. Employees, officers and directors of Nexon America Inc., its affiliated companies, agents thereof, the immediate family of any such person (defined as parents, children, siblings and husband or wife), or those with whom such person(s) are domiciled, are not eligible to participate. The Promotion is void where prohibited.
    Really? Only US and Canada, yeah yeah cool... (I would be fine not receiving the prices that need shipping, but would like to be able earn the maple points)
    NO, can't win prizes, hype down, thanks