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  • MapleStory 2 release date please?

    I wonder if Nexon NA will even license MS2 since Maplestory isn't as popular in NA compared to South Korea. I mean, just look at the game selection Nexon Korea has compared to Nexon NA. It's not like Nexon NA get the games for free, they have to license and pay money for these games. Their thought process is probably something along the lines of whether it's worth the risk licensing another Maplestory title. It's either a hit outside of the Maplestory community and makes money, or it'll just cause a shift between MS and MS2. MS players will try out MS2, but it's the question on whether they'll completely migrate to MS2, stay on MS due to their investments, or possibly actively play both. I mean the hype for MS2 is from current MS players, so either way it's like they would be paying more for the same player base that may or may not spend more, and due to Maplestory's P2W nature, the downward trend of P2W games, and Nexon's currently reputation on such matters, I find it will be difficult for Nexon to attract new paying customers.
  • Ayumilove.net/maplestory

    It's a flash game which means it's a game you can play on the browser without having to download anything, though that doesn't mean you can't get malware for simply visiting a website. Ayumilove seems to be a pretty reputable site though.

    Anyways, it's not a private server so it isn't anything you would get in trouble for and it seems to be called "Hacker"story because you automatically level without doing anything and such haha.
  • RE:Zero medals, Demon Avenger Hurt for it =(

    Sorrow wrote: »
    This has nothing to do with "demon avenger hate"
    If you want it changed make a suggestion for it. Can't hurt to try, right?

    Not hate, but I'm sure they do take hp % stats into more consideration for class balancing since it would be like if an item had % STR or any other main stat automatically and those don't exist? Someone says it's a description error, not 100% sure, but I freaked out when I noticed some items I had for my DA, such as Rex's Earrings and Dominator's Pendant, had their item stat description changed from 10% HP to +10HP so the Medal might be similar. Like, how would 10% Healing HP/MP even work?
  • I appreciate the NX transfer events but...

    Unlikely this will ever happen, but you can wait until a world transfer event to transfer characters to Bera and then wait until another NX transfer event.