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December 9, 1988
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    Also you still can't enter afterlands after getting out, and you still can't get the quest from the gold sack. The only thing that seems to be fixed is the missing frozen set, to me at least; don't know about the lag since I never had that problem.
  • Scheduled Maintenance - November 17, 2016

    when can i play maplestory in the netherlands again?
    Probably tomorrow, unless you want to play at night once the maintenance is finished...
  • Post extended maintenance updates?

    Well, we're never going to be happy with an extended maintenance, not much to do about it. Like, I'm really so happy about getting the time from 4 pm to 9 pm, not being able to play for the best part of the afternoon, just to get the extension notice and losing the evening too...

    Now that I'm done with my rant ( :P ), let's just say I would like some more communication, something like "this bug wasn't solved" or "an exploit popped up and we can't go live with that" or even just "korean developers are sleeping cause it's night there so wait tomorrow"; just that little something that makes me think I know what's going on or at least if it's something possibly major, so I can go and find something else to do, or something minor, so I can keep up my hopes for hours thinking it's going to be solved soon and I'll get to play.
  • Different maintenance times for NA and EU servers

    Meaning it's a big f*ck you to an entire continent of players. I guess I'll put up with it as long as the rest actually gets better, in terms of bug solving, server stability etc... If not, well, it could be time to leave the game, I can live without it, take my money elsewhere.

    They could adjust the time though. Like, I don't think at 3-4 am pacific they'll have too many players up and doing stuff, starting maintenance at that time would mean morning in eu, which would still be a good time to have the server down. In fact maintenances in Europe where often started late night or early morning.
  • Different maintenance times for NA and EU servers

    So, for UTC +1, which accounts for a very big chunk of european players I think, today's maintenance time means having the server down from 4 PM to 9 PM, that's most of the afternoon gone, definitely out of school time for most students; this leaves us time to play only after dinner, assuming everything goes smoothly and there's no need to prolong the downtime. For big patches it could still be ok (except those are the ones that often get extended), but for the weekly ones it feels kinda bad, like Europeans are second class players whose times never get considered (see blade&soul...).