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  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot

    AKradian wrote: »
    I am sad to see how readily everyone here seems to accept that this system is paywalled in non-Reboot worlds.

    What a misguided, off-topic and selfish post,. Once again, it's the age old "normal does something, so reboot must not!" argument fueled by sunk-cost fallacies and false comparisons that shouldn't even be there.

    Reboot is a different game experience to regular server. That much should be clear by now, yet people like you keep insisting on helding them to the same regard. Also, this thread is to talk about Reboot only, yet you bring the unrelated Normal Server into this.

    What happens in Reboot stays in Reboot, and whatever Reboot can access to shouldn't undermine your effort in normal servers.
    AKradian wrote: »
    I am sad to see how readily everyone here seems to accept that this system is paywalled in non-Reboot worlds.
    But there is no free in-game equivalent, or near-equivalent, to the Red Familiar Card or Familiar Breakthrough Card. Nor have we been told that they'd be available through reward shop, event shops, fairy bros, or other free means. I feel that before we can talk about making these items available to Reboot for meso, especially at Reboot's easy "conversion" rate, we need to talk about making them available to all f2p players, in whatever world they are.

    What happens in Reboot is a reboot thing like I said before, and it should not be related to what happens in Normal. Reboot players being able to access a feature does not devalues it for normal players. It was your choice not to switch to Reboot or play there.

    Let's not push this any longer because it has nothing to do with this thread. This thread is about reboot trying to get a full feature for collectors everywhere. Are you really just saying to all the 70 or so people here to basically "suck it up" because normal servers can't?
    AKradian wrote: »
    I am sad to see how readily everyone here seems to accept that this system is paywalled in non-Reboot worlds.
    As for Familiar Slot Expansion Coupons: As far as I can tell from the guide Nexon posted, 100 slots is more than enough for power-mongering purposes. Which means that the only people who truly need more than that, are the collectors. That makes the slot expansion coupon a cosmetic item. It should simply be sold for NX in Reboot.

    This is just a huge spit-on-the-face for familiar collectors such as myself. Slots are necessary to continue a collection, and it would be basically pay-walling something that we previously had for free. Several familiar collectors are under stress right now trying to panic-farm as many new familiars as possible before the update comes.
    Personally, I would not be annoyed of paying NX for some extra slots, but I would also very much want a free alternative. I already have to pay tons for cosmetics in Reboot because they are always random (It's one of the few flaws in Reboot).
  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot

    My name is Iara and I am 26 years old. I have been playing MapleStory off and on since 2012. I have left and came back several times for one reason or another but the motivation to have me playing as always been one less common feature besides the great story, awesome music and good graphics: The Familiar system, exclusive to GMS.

    I was far from a child when I first played MapleStory, but I remember being in awe as I chose my first character (A Wild Hunter) and went to whack my first Potted Sprout for a quest. Everything seemed pretty par for the course of MMORPG except for an item that it dropped: A "familiar" card. I got a notification from Maple Admin that explained what it did and my mind went wild. I went to the next area, and the next after, and I saw that there were many familiars to collect and have fun with. It was like a monster-taming game, and I am a total sucker for those!
    I was far from a regular MapleStory player: While most users were content with power-leveling and increasing their damage, I did quests, took my time and, of course, farmed familiars. My first roadblock was King Slime, but by gosh I managed to get enough people for more and more King Slime runs...
    Several years later I came back, this time for the new Reboot server that was all the rage. Probably one of the better PR moves I have ever seen and I had a blast playing there! But real life had other plans.
    My story is far from over but you might get the gist: Familiars were kind of a big deal. Recently (30 days ago, as a matter of fact), as I was bored out of mind thanks to quarantine and related problems, I saw slight glimpses of a new MapleStory feature: Apparently they were going to revamp the familiar system and make it better. So I left my two/three-years-old hiatus and downloaded the game again! So much changed and yet so little, but I didn't feel comfortable in my older accounts. Despite the amount of removed and deleted content, I wanted to re-do everything as a now-seasoned adult and player, and needless to say, I have been having a blast rediscovering everything at my own pace in the Reboot server! I was never into trading and commerce anyway so this server is great for me.

    I have been following all the news about the familiar system as closely as possible, and I am mostly really loving how it is based on other systems, yet brings several new things to the table. I can't wait to bring as many familiars as possible to GREAT tiers for my own fun, as part of one of my many self-imposed challenges.

    But then come the bad news. This new familiar system seems incomplete for Reboot, and I cannot really tell why. I am aware that they cost NX on the main server, but in Reboot we have several game-impacting things available just for Mesos, so I do not know if it's a balancing issue or not: Extra potential stamps, cubes. I will level it up to you: I am far from a "meta" player. I do not got out of my way to grind, become "stronger" or plow through the levels, so I really cannot give an opinion on what is or what isn't "fair", "broken", "OP", "unfair" and such. However, I do know that not having these features will be detrimental to the familiar system.

    Back when I played, I was a "Maple shut-in", so I thought I was the only one who actually cared about and collected familiars (specially on Reboot), besides some fringe millionaires with nothing better to do. This always made me feel slightly alone and like a social outcast. People always jest that MapleStory is a "1-player MMORPG", but when push comes to shove, it DOES get slightly less fun if you have no one to play with. However, I couldn't be further from the truth now that I have discovered people like AxeChris and his discord group "The Familiar Room", as well as the more new people who wish to join Familiar Hunting thanks to the new revamp!

    Not getting these features clashes with the enjoyment of familiar collectors such as me as well. My newest account is 28 days old and I have around 140 familiars, but since I am in Reboot I will be looked to have 160 or so only. But there are so many Monsters I want to get, because I consider myself a collector. Having this limit in place limits me, making me unable to "catch them all", I would even have to delete my hard-farmed familiars to make room for others. And I do not want that. If I could, I would have familiars of EVERY monster in the game, and farm them all! Reboot requires these items available for the better work of the new familiar system, either via mesos in the Cash shop, Maple reward points or in the Familiar shop. Particularly, the Familiar slot one.

    This system can be interesting and perfect, and if I can do anything to help improve it, then I will. I would like you to know that some people care about this system, and we appreciate your time trying to improve it.
  • Familiar System Revamp 2020 Questions

    Hello there! My name is Iara and I have been playing Maple for quite some years. What has always been my favourite feature is the familiar collection (I am dead serious).
    I came back 14 days ago when I've read that there was going to be a revamp on this system, and I truly wish we can all work hard on it for it to be as good as it can be.
    I have some key questions:
    1. The crusader codex as the "collector" set of medals. As of right now, most of these medals are unobtainable and have been bugged for quite a time. Could the new Familiar system please award these medals as well?
    2. The Maple Memo does not mention what will happen with vitality, as well as current familiars with vitality. Will vitality still be a feature? What about multiple familiar cards used in this current system?
    3. Will this change, in any way, affect the drop rate of familiar cards?
    4. Thew new change makes familiar rank very vital. Will there be any way of increasing the rank of any of our current familiars? I do not know if this feature is being taken from any other region of Maplestory, but I think that some changes would be nice. Such a change would prevent us having to choose "meta" legendary familiars and instead be able to use whichever we like. If I like, for example, the Red Snail Monster... Will it be stuck in "Common" rank or can said rank be increased? Or can I use a familiar as "display", yet use the effects of others? Personally I feel a "vanity familiar" feature would be neat. Specially for extreme collectors like me who would like to show off their rarest familiars.
    5. Familiar Red Cards. Will they be available on Reboot? They seem like a huge component.

    The familiar system is really near and dear to my heart. I have had multiple accounts before (iara0 and iara1) and I have always favoured familiar-catching over anything else. I wish I can help in any way, even if it's just giving my input.
    Hopefully, once we settle this, we can talk about some familiar pet-peeves and oversights. Particularly on booster packs and the like. I seriously think that, if a familiar can rank up, we could be able to have Familiar Booster Packs in reboot for NX or mesos.
  • Add an option to disable certain pet effects

    When you equip three of the same pets (E.g.: Three "Kitty" pets), they display an effect. When it comes to kitty pets, they "argue" and bring tons of thought bubbles when the character is idle.
    Can there be a way to disable? In the "pet" section of the equipment window (Default key is E), you can click the "Effect" button, but it doesn't disable such pet effects.
    Please, consider adding an option to disable certain pet effects such as this one.