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  • Familiar System Revamp 2020 Questions

    Please, everybody, stop posting non-familiar related posts.

    This thread has nothing to do with Gollux.
  • Familiar System Revamp 2020 Questions

    BobbyWeave wrote: »
    I'm yet another player who spends a considerable amount of time hunting familiars and monster cards (762/752 monster cards, 310 familiars, currently level 259 in Reboot).

    Right now the only way to know which monsters drop which items to look through the crusader codex. Monster cards that you've collected in the codex will display, among other useful information, the drops for those monsters. For certain items with extremely low drop rates such as the Daiwa Sword from Leader A, world boss familiars like Lyka, and instanced boss familiars like Lord Skeleton, this is the only way to verify the existence of their drops with absolute certainty.

    Will we see a new source of truth for drops to replace the codex?

    Secondly, in JMS there are many more monsters that drop familiars. Currently in GMS it is impossible to obtain familiars from Arcane River through drops. Familiars that do not drop from monsters MUST be obtained through the cash shop and are only obtainable on non-Reboot servers.

    Will all the monsters that drop familiars in JMS also drop familiars in GMS?

    WELL I was gonna adress this when we actually get some takes.
    Not even the Crusader Codex is 100% reliable because the Lord Skeleton we have (And all of the Crusader bosses) have a different ID than the ones we see on the Codex Book. As such, their familiars will NEVER drop. This bug has been around since the lastest update to Crusader questline, which was who-knows-how-long ago.
    There are several things to be fixed in the familiar system, and some familiars should be reintroduced. But we need to take this slowly first.