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  • Hollow apology and complete lack of clarification.

    They need to change this to BEFORE the maintenance, if they only give the 1000 coins to those who cleared before they released their secret announcement, we are still penalized for deciding to not participate in the event AT ALL because they changed it in such a horrible way.

    People who were doing it BEFORE the announcement were already doing it so basically their "apology" is punishment for those who didn't do it on their alt seeing how annoying it is already to do it on one character. Didn't know apologies came with restrictions.
  • Make Changes to Maple Cafe

    1. There shouldn't be a reason why a battle pass is $30 when most hover around the $10 mark
    2. If it's that expensive, at least make the rewards and missions shareable
    3. Have it track ALL missions instead of having to replace the ones you don't need at the moment
    4. At least give us the option to minimize the event tab when it pops up so it doesn't take over the entire screen
    5. Have BOTH total points on each character and the daily limit showing instead of just how many points each character has (yes I know there a total daily tracker but I'm not trying to work backwards to see which char is almost done)
    6. How about thinking about these kind of events thoroughly instead of throwing it out there for a quick and simple cash grab especially with all the screw ups that have been taking place lately (this especially holds true when we have to run 6 inferno wolf but we are limited to 5 per day, nice math nexon)
  • Increase Points for RPS

    All the other mini games for this even have given us at most 10k and at least 2k if you place so why is RPS only 2k at max?
  • Maple Globe Event "Extended period"?

    Make the decorations permanent as well while they're at it. Extending the event to farm for more decorations is pointless if they're not permanent.
  • Check rankings for obvious hackers once in a while

    Nexon loves hackers and will ban legit people