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  • Netherlands Probability-Based Cash Item Changes

    Sumi wrote: »
    This stupid change is causing so many issues. Alot of dutch people are missing nx items now. And not just 2 no Alot.... Some update on the issue somewhere would be nice....

    True items i got from any box is going MIA on some of my mules now and so far no word about how this will be fixed :( I just stop buying stuff from now on its like flush money thrpugh the toilet this way . Not fun at all . I could live with that stuff changed seen law but that the addings mess it up this bad ain't fun at all .
  • Question concern my win @ Maple Halloween stream

    Received the gift today in game so wish to thank you for this . Just so you know it went alright :D
  • Greetings from CM Kyrios

    Welcome Kyrios , I met you in MS2 and been there the moment you had to close down all server one by one , it was an emotional moment for all of us [ played NA East ] , and even for you , added u on discord after that but never
    expected you to return here in MS 1 :) Hope you have a wonderfull time helping the community here . And that it won't be a to stressefull job for you .

  • A New Start

    Albinorock wrote: »
    If you want a brand new start i'd suggest Bera or Reboot. Reboot has the largest population and Bera has 2nd largest.
    Bera >Scania in terms of population.

    Yup Albinorock is right those two has largest community and more chance to find a guild where u really feel @home .
    Did you ever got told the reason why u been kicked fromthose 2 guilds ?
  • Title anvil in reboot

    Nexon is just interested in money so they figure ways to make it happen , and yeah bet enough who do buy that BC stuff that is only last for 30 days lol . Like they have more junk that is not permanent . I got myself 3 pets which all need water of life after some while that is more then enough I willing to spend my money on , got a nice set for my Adele from cashshop and not planning to buy her tons of outfit like I did in MS2 [ but there it atleast looked better seen the 3D graphics ] . And I ones made it to Diamond MVP since I had to burn enough NX I got repaid after MS2 got shutdown , but not plan to spend more NX then I had to fill Nexon owners there pocket , while they not give a **** for us as players .