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  • Insane HP on Gollux level 4

    Lucsean99 wrote: »
    pat159 wrote: »
    Lucsean99 wrote: »
    You adults/ kids that are complaining about this "revamp trap" it's sad to see the OP who maybe a hacker that can't get what he wants no more plz cry more; along with the low post count; which he will mostly likely make a new account and complain.

    LOL love how low post = hacker XD you made me laugh even with all these screw ups nexon is currently doing with the game. Maybe just like me, he created an account recently on forums because until this last patch new content wasn't such a circus act from nexon. People are coming here to complain and hopefully make nexon realise that they are literally digging a grave for maplestory with these changes. Just out of curiousity, out of your 179 posts, how many were you trolling and telling people to stop having an opinion on an update?

    If you were actually a loyal legit player with only 1 account to play Maplestory than i would expect a higher post count. Complainers on the forums are these realities
    - Kids/spamming making new accounts because they cant get their own ways 75% are these.
    - The actual cheaters that disappear after 1-2 posts, yet they have hefty knowledge and they want in change immediately. 10% are these since they will disappear
    - 15% of the player-base didn't want the change like the (storage pic).

    So lad how who you lay out a trap for hackers assuming your older enough?

    HEY OP you can gladly pm to prove my point.

    LOL, i'm a returning player, sadly, u can´t see my last posts are many years ago. I just came back a month ago, without any problem, because this game still felt like a year ago. Then I see, this change and pissed me off. Is that too hard to believe for you? Not every person that is not agree with you, is a hacker, grow up.
  • Insane HP on Gollux level 4

    I've seen this boss is INCREDIBLY stronger than before. Friends with 16m range can't kill it anymore. Isn't it just too much for this boss? Is impossible to kill for many.
    Besides, I've seen that if u can't kill it on your one key chance, you can't go in again. This is just unfair because I got DC, and Maplestory has DC problems ALL THE TIME, at least, make a 30 minutes restriction, but one chance per day, is just not logical at all.