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  • Huge gap between exploiters and legit players.

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    well i wanted to contribute to the post.. its getting rowdy in here so i edited it out now lol

    It's pretty hard to maintain a civilized discussion when people like Terror appears.

    what he said was not wrong though,
    it seems like you just do not want to hear it lol

    So calling people lazy for not exploiting and straight up lying is not wrong? I think you're the one that doesn't want to hear the other side, because on every single thread of people making concise critics about the new familiar system you just extrapolates on things that you clearly don't understand (like how reboot works, its not that hard to understand, maybe read a little?).

    If you want to say "I don't care I got mine" just say it, it's pretty obvious what are your intentions.
  • Huge gap between exploiters and legit players.

    I want to start off this thread by saying that I'm not blaming exploiters for anything, they only did what the game let you to do it , but after the familiar update, players that exploited the unique lines on epic familiars bug have a monumental advantage compared to people that did not abused the new system and new players.
    Because of the really low drop rate of every single tier (plus the fact that on reboot people can't reroll lines at all, so if you got a unique familiar with bad lines you will need to get another one) it's basically impossible for any player (outside of the group that farmed and got unique lines on epic familiars) to have any advantage using the new familiar system.
    I'm not suggesting to nerf the unique lines on epic familiars, I'm just suggesting that the drop rate should be increased by a lot (for every tier) and to add the red cards on reboot. I can see that the reason why the new familiar system was made the way it is, is to first discourage even more players to play on reboot and the second is to encourage people to spend more in regular servers, but people will not quit reboot no matter how bad it is, if they quit reboot they will quit the game, especially because regular servers have a even bigger gap between old and new players (via frenzy).
    The new familiar system is worse than the old one for new players, because now you don't even have the guarantee that the familiar you spent hours grinding will have good lines, on the old system you had fixed bonus for every mob so when you farmed the big spider you knew that when it dropped you would have a drop bonus familiar, but now you will probably never get good lines (considering that common and rare (which have the better drop rate) have really bad lines).
    The team had 2+ months to think about how to balance, and the best thing the devs could think its to only increase the common cards drop rate?
  • DMT Issues 7/18

    So Nexon is just going to pretend that this DMT never happened? Because there's no word about the compensation on the patch or any news in that regard.
  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    Nexon if you don't want to bother to fix the game, just kill the game already.
  • Freedom of Speech

    I think OP is just trolling, no one can't be that mad, right?