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  • The Familiar System Needs A Boost.

    Hello there. My name is AxeChris. You might know me from the Familiarization guide. If you do, thank you. If not, some things in this thread post might be a bit lost, as I’m going to be touching on flaws I’ve seen in the new Familiar system.

    I realize this thread might have people respond in such a way that implies Nexon won’t read this or heed any changes because of how all decisions must be approved by Wonky and the 141s over in the KMS team, but I’m still going to press on with this, mainly because I want to vent.

    So, let me briefly explain the system we’ve got now.

    In order to obtain good potentials on familiars, one might have two options.

    One could fuse together cards or Fauxmiliars in order to rank up from common, to rare, to epic, and to unique. All of which taking about 300 rank-up points and most likely around 3-4 hours.

    Alternatively, one could get a familiar they’d like and rank up via the usage of Red Familiar Cards, a cube type item that allows for the re-roll of familiars, along with the small* chance of ranking up.

    When it comes to ranking up, the user in question would have at most 3 rolls on a familiar; If the unique roll sucks, they’d have no other choice than to buy a red card(RC) in order to re-roll it or attempt for a Legendary familiar, as RCs are the only way to get them to that point. Or, just fuse or extract the unique that has no use.

    In regular servers, these are the two options. In Reboot, it’s just the one, outside of some interesting things that have happened as of late. Reboot does not have the ability to purchase RCs, nor do they have the ability to purchase other objects, such as Expansion Slots, Breakthrough Cards, Level Up cards, or even have normal Fauxmiliars.


    I’d like to bring your attention to that asterisk up there after the “Small” in “Small Chance”. Looking at some reports of a few whales, the tier-up rate is absolutely abysmal. Some say the average cost to tier up from Unique to Legendary is $150 to even $350. Content creator Zeyben made a video of him using 168 ($235 USD) RCs and got nowhere. Further calculations made by the community suggests that the Unique to Legendary tier rate is 0.14% with an average of 705 cards being needed. Not to even imagine the cost needed to fine-tune the lines.

    The video in question, along with the chart:


    I understand that this system is very much like a Japanese gacha system in which the whalest of whales suceed the most, but If even the whales who spend 1.1 million maple points can’t even get something to flaunt, then how do they expect to entice anyone to try?

    RNG aside, I’d like to tone it back a bit and go into the mechanics themselves. The introduction of being able to buy as many essences as you’d like per day leaves the entire summon gauge system kind of pointless. It may have been something to work around in Version 2 (JMS 2015-2020), but we have no reason to worry if we’re all stocking up on those gas canisters like we’re prepping for a fallout shelter. Granted, I might be seeing this from an end-game perspective and newer players might be a bit more prone to the gauge, but I still believe the point stands.

    The ATT function, as it always has, fails to really do anything. Perhaps if the attacks were actually hitting lines similar to the user, then perhaps they could be considered to be useful as DPS additions, changing how some classes perform. God knows Bishops would benefit from three fast-hitting familiars. Unfortunately, they’re mostly hitting lines that would have MAYBE been considered decent back before Big Bang.

    Now, the drop rate. You knew this was coming.

    The drop rate of familiars has always been the beating heart of the system, in my view. As long as it’d be relatively easy for one to obtain a familiar, then they could feasibly utilize it to their advantage. However, I’ve found a few kinks.

    As I’ve said before, You’d need 300 Rank-Up Points (RUPs) total in order to one-try a familiar from common to unique with no fails at all. But, if it DOES fail, you’d have to get even more, making that 3-hour romp into a 4 hour, 5 hour, or even more. I could tell the average player all about how simple the system might be when it comes to fusion and ranking, but if they realize the drop rate for their favorite monster is low enough where it takes that long to have a chance at something decent as a potential, do you think they’d really want to wade through it all?

    This also brings me to the Roro shop. I’ve been hesitant to talk about this because I recall days where I desperately wished for the chance for Reboot to get booster packs, but I feel it necessary to point this out; Getting 2,000 points a day is an absurd task based on the current drop rate and is not a daily I’m not about to consider. Some of us have mountains of Jr. Boogie epics to sit on and purchase these with no problem. At some point, though, they’re gonna run out and considering the pulls that I’ve had on most days, it’s almost not even worth the effort.

    At this point in the thread, it's been about a month since I've written anything in this post. A lot has happened over those last weeks, and I have lost the original momentum, but I'd like to be consistent in my message.

    Let's be clear about this: Tier-up rates need to be adjusted so that people won't feel too discouraged by buying hundreds of these things and only ending up with a unique. A roughly 0.14% chance to go from Unique to Legendary is quite frankly not worth the effort and I'd imagine people would be deterred from even trying. I would propose changing the rates to the standard Unique to Legendary on equips. It definitely takes some time, but at the very least people know they'll get it eventually. At the rate it is now, it seems almost to be a herculean task which requires the stars to align just right.

    Originally, I was going to follow this up with saying "Higher-level fams should drop, too.". However, as of the Sengoku 3 update in JMS / V216 in GMS, Tenebris mobs drop, allowing higher-leveled players to farm for extraction and fusion points. I would like to use this space to encourage the same for other areas, like the Arcane River, and all other planets in Grandis, including the Tyrant's Castle.


    Lastly, I'm going to say this as one of the most important things I could put in here.

    Allow Reboot to purchase Red Familiar Cards and Slot Expansions for Meso, or have them stocked in the Roro shop for a point fee.
    When I made the video guide, I was hoping that Rebooters could get a hold of the fusion system and not have much of an issue when it comes to making their familiars strong with good lines. After a month or two, I see now that assuming that was a bit of a bad move on my part. I've already explained my thoughts on the fusion numbers. I feel that the longevity of this system is dependent on player interest. If players see that it's mostly skewed towards whales with a 0.14% chance to get to legendary and Reboot players getting nothing but the base system, I worry they just won't bother, or just look for a rare familiar with 15% IED and maybe one with bossing and call it a day, completely deterred from whatever else the system has to offer.

    I’m hoping that the Maple community can come together and push for this. Otherwise, I fear that interest in the Familiar system will go right back to what it was for the last 9 years: A boring meta calling to get IED on a few commons, get a badge, maybe 10 if you’re willing, and leave it there. Knowing there could be better, but not going for it on account of the terrible tier rates or the lack of being able to reset your lines if your unique ends up being worthless.
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  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot

    Hello! I'm AxeChris, a Rebooter. For the last few years, I've been pushing for an updated familiar system, mainly aiming towards a translated JMS system, mainly because of all the features they've added to it from 2011 to 2015. When Anna announced that we in GMS would be receiving a revamp, I was ecstatic. So much that I had dedicated much of my time to writing down explanations of both JMS and TMS's systems on a discord to help players better understand the major jump to the new system.

    Flash forward to yesterday's video/guide being released. It quickly dawned on me as well as my other familiar-loving compatriots that this would not be either JMS or TMS's system merely translated, but a completely new system altogether. A fusion of both systems, even. Being able to summon three at once and utilize potentials along with multiple badges would be absolutely fantastic for Reboot! As I read aloud the post, my optimism slowly started to crumble.

    "Non-Reboot worlds only: The [Red Familiar Card], purchased from the Cash Shop, also has a small chance to immediately Rank-Up the chosen Familiar while resetting its Potentials". It had dawned on me that Reboot would not be obtaining the Red Familiar Card, along with the opportunity to buy [Familiar Slot Expansion Coupons] or [Familiar Breakthrough Cards]. My mind started racing. With those restrictions, Reboot's experience with this new system will be but a mere fraction of what normal servers would get. New players would only be limited to 100 slots overall, capped at level 5, and would be forced to start over from scratch if the familiar they worked so tirelessly on turned out to have a bad potential when they finally get it to Unique.

    I fear that with these restrictions, the entire concept of collecting and utilizing familiars will immediately fall flat on it's face and the meta will be to merely farm snail familiars for the ease of access and ability to easily start over from scratch if their unique potential is, essentially, crap. Familiar hunting would also be severely limited due to the fact that Reboot can't buy expansion slots either. If we're expecting to possibly have a maximum of 2,000 familiars, how could we cope with just 100 slots on average? I'm thankful that I'll have 20 slots to go with the 345 I have, but I feel this is terribly unfair to everyone else.

    I would like to request that [Red Familiar Cards] be sold in either the Cash Shop for meso, much like Red and Black cubes, or in the Roro shop, along with [Familiar Slot Expansion Coupons] and [Familiar Breakthrough Cards]. Doing so will allow reboot to be able to work on hunting new familiars, level them up, and ensure they have options for bossing, healing, IED, whatever the situation calls for. I'd like to see maplers show off their "Familiar Teams", each providing a role, as well as flexing whatever they got from hunting or booster packs. Likewise, with expansion slots, players could choose if they want to go deeper into the familiar system at their own pace, rather than just limiting themselves to only 100.

    Breakthrough Cards would also be a fine addition to Reboot. Allowing the level cap to reach 7 on our most treasured familiars would help us have longer farming sessions with them, have easier boss runs (if their scaled attacks are truly as strong as they claim to be), and again, to be able to show the world that yes, this player put forth the love and effort to get their familiar to a Level 7 Unique or Legendary rank. Something to aspire other players to work towards if they know the potential they have would help them immensely on their own goals.

    As of right now, there's a community of familiar hunters out there who feel the same way about these restrictions and I hope that they'll see this post and respond with their own concerns - It's a larger community than you'd think; There are currently 70 members in the Familiar discord, with more hunters joining the fun every day. We feel that this new revamp is a fantastic way to get people energized about familiars, but with the current restrictions in Reboot, it simply won't be as great. Adding the Red Card, Slot Expansions, and Breakthough Cards to Reboot would change the way things work way more positively. Complaints aside, I'm excited to see GMS receiving a new system, but I would be much more excited about using said new system if some or all of these changes were made for Reboot players.

    Thank you.
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  • Fury Totem Accessibility Revamp


    Hello. My name is AxeChris, I am a 258 Kaiser on Reboot. As such, I’ll be writing this from a Rebooter’s perspective, but I’d imagine the ideas presented could be implemented into Reg servers without a problem.

    [The Issue]

    I recently came out of hardcore droplet farming in Lower Path 1 and suddenly found myself unable to truly grind on my main without use of a Fury Totem because of my kisher being stuck at Arcana levels. Laziness aside, I realized I could just snag a totem and head on over to Limen and grind in a spot the game actually wants me to grind. Great!

    So after a few weeks, I go from 256 to 258 (40% as of writing this) and I feel great about it. No more having to worry about over leveling in fear of not having good meso rates, not having to worry about droplets; just me, Transcendions, and the mesos and nodes they drop. Now, I’ve run into an issue.

    I ran outta reward points, and there’s no Fairy Bros. reward for RP or a Totem anytime soon. Most people would tell me to just do bosses on mules or on Reg servers to keep a constant stream of RP flowing, but here’s the thing: I don’t have the time for that anymore.

    In fact, I’d imagine a lot of players nowadays aren’t down for the idea of spending hours doing the same bosses each week for 2/4/6 hours of training on their main. Nor do I think they’d be wanting to spend hundreds on NX for RP from there. So I got to thinking and I think I’ve found a solution.

    [The Solution]

    As Rebooters would tell you, various extra things can be found in the Henesys general store, such as Flames, Cubes, Pendant expansion coupons, and so on. Here’s my proposal:

    Fury Totem coupons in the Henesys store for 250m. Same thing as the RP shop. Same duration, effect, and all that jazz. (For the record, buying 15 would cost about 3.75b, but that shouldn’t be an isuse if you’re a farmer.)

    Before the question is asked, this is IN ADDITION to the totems in the reward point shop. This would not hinder anyone who likes using their RP on totems, just giving the option to obtain them in an alternative way.

    The concept for the Fury Totem was a simple band-aid solution for Kish, allowing anyone to use it for about 2 hours. However, I feel the execution and accessibility of having it in the RP shop, as well as an event shop item or Fairy Bros. reward is basically telling the community to just not bother and immediately go back to their kish mules, completely throwing it under the bus.

    With the totem being readily available in the Henesys General Store in Reboot, alongside Matilda’s shop in Regular servers, I feel this would provide newer players with a progression tool and end-game maple vets with a better means to go for 275, without having to go through the hassle of funding a Kisher to 255+, bugging a friend for kish, or shelling out a bunch of money/mesos for Frenzy services.

    [In Summary]
    The current means of getting a Fury Totem can be extremely difficult or tedious for players who might not have the hours to kill anymore. My idea is to have the totem in the Henesys General in Reboot, or in Matilda’s shop in Regular servers for 250m a pop.

    Thank you for reading this post! If possible, please consider voting for the poll to show your support (or otherwise) for this idea. If you’d like to chime in on how this would affect you, positively or negatively, go for it. Additionally, spread this around to your friends, guild, and alliance as well! The more people on board, the better.
  • [Reboot] Level-Adaptive Meso Gain via Passive (v3)

    Bassodia wrote: »
    Agree with everything, except the level 225 for the max skill level. It would just keep people on lumi clp farmers... if the cap was 250, it would encourage people to farm on their mains (which is the point of the game, play on their mains, right?) and move on from arcana. In reboot most people don't even know morass and esfera exists.

    To be honest, I only considered 225 to be the cap to keep things fair, but let's try something different. If say, the passive were to be able to go up to 10 instead of 5, I'd think it look something like this:
    1 /5x
    100 / 10x
    150 / 15x
    175 / 20x
    200 / 25x
    210 / 30x
    220 / 35x
    230 / 40x
    240 / 45x
    250 / 50x
    If we raise the level cap to 10 and have the max multiplier be 50x, I'd imagine it to be extremely easy for a player to deal with the end-game madness, perhaps even become more interested in starting to work on their legion considering how easy it'd be to fund mules, making the idea of a 6k/8k legion that much more plausible to them. Let's take that chart and apply the average drop of a higher level mob in normal servers and apply those multipliers:
    0 / 1x = 2,200
    1 /5x = 11,000
    100 / 10x = 22,000
    150 / 15x = 33,000
    175 / 20x = 44,000
    200 / 25x = 55,000
    210 / 30x = 66,000
    220 / 35x = 77,000
    230 / 40x = 88,000
    240 / 45x = 99,000
    250 / 50x = 110,000

    While the idea of getting up to 50x mesos might be a bit insane ( 110k bags of cash from a Dark Executor though), people would have to consider that it's not like there's be an economy to be ruined. In today's Maple, billions upon billions of meso can be burned within a timespan of 10 minutes, but might take 10 hours or even 10 days to get back up to that saved amount. So instead of being locked in a "CLPrison" (Shoutouts to "sips bleach seductively" in the discord for that term), why not just jump back to it in considerably less time? Like in the initial post, I think things would be a bit more fair if the grinding:reward ratio were 50/50, instead of 85/15.

    However, Getting up to 50x would probably be a high-speed overkill, considering getting nearly-500k bags would be a bit overkill now that I've sat on the idea for a day and realized it'd be a bit too radical.

  • [Reboot] Level-Adaptive Meso Gain via Passive (v3)


    Hello, I’m FutureChris, otherwise known as AxeChris. You might remember me from such threads as “Arcane River Droplets need a revamp” or from such videos as “[Reboot] Lucid Run #2 – 6-Kaiser Boogaloo”. Jokes aside, I’m here to today to present a major, glaring issue for Reboot world that’s only grown bigger with the introduction of Bonus Stats and the 25-Star update to the starforce system. First, I’d like to quickly catch people up to where we are now.
    Back in November 2015, Reboot world was introduced as a method to play Maplestory with a bit of a different playstyle. Quoted from the news post by SavageAce: “In Reboot, the focus is on fighting monsters and earning the gear and meso you need through monster drops and progression...” Without any kind of economy at all, the idea is to work hard towards the gear you want, rather than just buying it from people. A new chance for some, like myself, to actually start anew and have a chance to become strong without having to shell out up to thousands of dollars.

    Everything started off well until more and more players reached the point where they got their Chaos Root Abyss sets and had to start farming in order to put stars on it, as well as focus on getting everything to a legendary potential that had two lines of Mainstat%. People discovered that using a Kanna to farm meso at maps in places like the Ghost Ship, Alien Base, and Mysterious Path 3 were greatly beneficial to getting hundreds of millions of mesos per hour with full meso gear. Tedious and a bit questionable, we accepted the fact that it was part of Reboot’s “Meta” to make a farmer.

    Fast forward a year to v190. The drop rate formula was changed so that mobs that were in the level range of the player would drop items and meso. Because of this, Alien Base farming was completely gone. Players who had leveled a kanna past 150 or 172 quickly found themselves faced with going hard and becoming a clp farmer or completely starting over and becoming a “Suicide Kanna” and trying hard to stay at a certain level.

    In a Maple Memo put out on December 13th (http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/27281/maple-memo-an-update-regarding-mesos-in-reboot-world), SavageAce describes how the change was to “mitigate further abuse and harm to the game balance due to players exploiting a bug that had been left unfixed for a long time.”
    SavageAce wrote:
    Prior to the bug fix players favored training in a small selection of maps, and with certain jobs to accumulate their meso earnings. This situation left very little choice for players on how to efficiently gain mesos and we felt this may be unhealthy for the game in the long term. When discussing ways to address current players’ concerns regarding the loss of options for meso generation, we made it a priority to find ways to encourage players to explore other maps and provide a reason to participate in the ongoing events we have scheduled.”

    This change unfortunately led to a lot of public outcry and drama. Even with the changes made, people still used the same general maps to grind and farm in. People still do bosses and 2x Ursus to scrape on by, but generally it always comes back to Suicide Kanna farming in order to afford cube packs.

    We arrive to the point where we’re at now; just getting over the introduction of both Bonus Stats and the full 25-star Starforce system. Both features have been heavily requested in the past, but many didn’t realize just how much having both systems at once can be on their wallets.

    The way I see it, Reboot is quickly coming to a boil when it comes to progression. The standards for being considered “end-game” are quickly rising, especially with content being introduced, such as the Will fight and eventually Tenebris and Limen with their respective boss fights. The costs of getting flames and stars to raise ranges to even attempt these bosses are sky high and only getting higher with the best method of getting cash is to farm for hours on end for low rates in the long run.

    After thinking on it for a while, I think I’ve come up with something that would keep the original intent of Reboot in terms of meso rewards, as well as keep kanna farming a reasonable side-method.


    Instead of suggesting things that would seem slightly outlandish, such as maps designed for farming at 200+ or having higher level mobs drop more than one meso bag, my idea would go straight for the one thing we all have as Reboot players: The passive skill. The description of the skill, for those who don’t know, is as followed:
    [Current Level 1]
    Increases meso drop rate by 5x, increases boss monster equipment drop rate.
    Max HP +200, Max MP +100
    ATT & Magic ATT +5
    Damage increased by 1% per 2 levels
    It’s quite simple: Add levels to the passive.

    Much like Legion blocks, the Reboot passive skill should level up when a player reaches certain levels. With these levels, the 5x meso obtain will be boosted by 5 per level, and would follow this chart:
    1 /5x
    100 / 10x
    150 / 15x
    200 / 20x


    To get a general grasp on the type of numbers that would be seen with this upgraded passive, let's take a look at a rather high example. Take CLP mobs, for example. On average, they drop about 9.5k bags, something you’d imagine would be dropped by mobs in VJ. However, if I were while factor in the theoretical rate of a 20x meso obtain (and a 3% from Phantom),I'd get this:

    But what would happen if I happened to have meso gear on?

    Sounds great for CLP farmers, if you ask me.

    Speaking of farmers, what would a Suicide Kanna get with only 15x?

    Whether or not Suicide Kannas would be needed or not would be up to Reboot as a whole. Personally, I’m hopeful that they wouldn’t be needed if this change were to occur.


    The reason why I think this should be implemented is simple, and I briefly touched upon it in the introduction: Reboot is quickly becoming too costly to truly progress in nowadays without creating a suicide Kanna to farm on. In my opinion, I believe the fact that suicide kannas are a thing is a large red flag. A player shouldn’t have to be forced to create a class that they may or may not be interested in and sit around in certain maps for hours on end, keeping at a certain level range otherwise they’d have to start over. It’s not healthy for the server, nor is it healthy for players. I’ve noticed on a few occasions where I looked over in the Maplestory discord and saw that some players made a comment that they had lost weight while farming for God knows how long.

    Furthermore, mesofarming can eat hours of one’s time when they could be using said hours to actually enjoy time on their main character. I feel one could make just as much, if not a bit more if the passive were to be boosted.

    Another reason why I’m pushing for this passive change is because, as I also said before, I fear that most of Reboot isn’t ready for the content coming after Will. In order to even stand a chance, we’re going to need crazy good flames and most likely get our equipment to at least 17 stars. All of which could easily cost upwards of 10-20b on a good day.


    To put it simply, having the passive level up and increasing the obtain rate of meso in integers of 5x per skill level would help players catch up to the quickly-rising costs of mid-to-late game progression, as well as being in the spirit of Reboot as to allow players to progress while not taking time out of their life to sit around and farm for days just for a few fleeting moments to star something or buy a few packets of cubes before going right back into the grind. Instead of making the grinding:reward ratio be about 85/15, why not just even it out to 50/50?

    SavageAce may have intended the flat 15% boost as a sign of good faith in hopes that a better, more outstanding meso change was coming for Reboot, but that post was made in December of last year, back when the biggest expenses to worry about was black cubes and tyrant starring. Now that we’ve added Flames and 25* to the mix, that 15% flat boost acts like a drop in a bucket to douse the fire. It’s still unhealthy for both the game and some players, and I would hope that this idea would remediate this problem.

    Thank you for reading, and I look forward to reading your responses!