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  • Having denaros in event shop or sunny sundays

    Being locked out of Commerci content is terrible. Content where there is a chance to be locked out should be looked at and changed. I am currently locked out of Commerci content because I did not unlock CPQ( as I was new to the game). I have also used the stimulus system. I understand that it is my fault for being locked out but, honestly, there should not be content where someone can accidently be locked out forever. I suggest having denaros in event shops or providing denaros in Sunny Sundays. In the Awake patch, they were selling shadowknight coins ( not sure why), and honestly, I'm pretty sure very very little people bought those coins. Also, there was a sunny sunday where they gave shadowknight coins. Instead of selling those coins, I suggest they sell denaros. They are useful to everyone and especially useful for people who are locked out forever.
  • Obtaining denaros in event shop/sunny sundays

    There should be a way to obtain denaros for people who have been locked out of CPQ and can no longer obtain denaros. You miss out on so much damage and gear if you are locked out of CPQ. With the awake meso shop selling droplets and for some reason shadowknight coins, I feel like they can also sell denaros in the meso shop or do some kind of sunny sundays to give denaros.
  • Make Denaro Obtainable in Events (Reboot)

    Wow, I just made a post before seeing this one. I suggested that Nexon maybe sells some denaros in an event coin shop. At least, you'll need to spend some event coins to purchase denaros. The sunny sunday idea also sounds good. I'm not sure if people are even using shadowknight coins. If denaros are given, for sure, a lot more people will be able to use it rather than shadowknight coins.