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  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    good thing i have a few things to do soon, so hopefully things go well

    plus ive been playing other games like Pokemon Moon to pass the time
  • What are your opinions for the game being down.

    I wouldnt have minded the extended maintenance but i got to log on a few hours ago and get a taste of my DAs increased power level only to have the game get taken away from me 3m later lol. Someone play a tiny violin for me!

    *plays the worlds smallest violin* .....better? lol
  • Worst Patch Preparation Ever?

    Honestly you people clearly have no concept of what exactly goes into releasing something like this. Maplestory targeted children with it's style so there is bound to be some brats out there but good lord. Many of the remaining players (and players bashing maintenance) really need to grow up. You can check, double check, and triple check every variable, and something can still go wrong. Then you have to set about finding the one random thing that just so happens to be not functioning correctly.

    People here have no concept of what goes into a troubleshooting process and cry because they can't play the game. If the initial maintenance had gone this long, the frustration would be warranted. But it wasn't. The game came up, something was wrong, and now they have to fix it. Such is life.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Guess what Azgaurd? Most of the features are already made in KMS and all GMS does is change it so it fits into the server. KMS runs test server other than official server to test the updates before releasing them out into public (people apply to play on the test server) and I dont think GMS even has that kind of system. We can conclude that GMS lacks preparation for such big maintenance, or rather any other maintenance in general. They need to improve in doing their job. We get that it may be difficult, but from what I hear from most of people who plays GMS; it's obvious that nexon isn't doing their job well.

    Here are what a lot of people say:
    "Extension as expected."
    "It's GMS, what do you expect?"
    "They need to improve."
    "It's been like this for long time, so whatever."

    The reason GMS doesn't have a test server anymore is people would take advantage of it, find the glitches but not tell about them to exploit them in the real game. This happened to the point it wasn't trustable anymore.
    im sad about that cause i was one of those testers, at least, open it to trustworthy people.....which who am i kidding this is the internet