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  • Portals not Registering since 1/18/17 UTC - Play V

    Indeed, an issue for everyone.

    IGN: iimes
    World: Luna
    Class: Luminous
    Level: 211

    I have also attempted a full restart - nothing worked. Kind of mad about this because today was my final day for Tier3 Reward Box and i really need those sweet sweet cubes QQ
  • I'm going crazy...

    So i seriously want to know...

    Is European English gibberish to those outside of Europe?

    Because I have a pretty large amount of evidence to back up this idea...

    I mean, a GM comes to Luna world for an event, and stands there doing nothing for a while. I kindly walk past and say "good evening GM", and they blank me entirely, go into hide mode, then vanish from the map...

    A few days later, a GM comes into Luna to do a different event. I attempt to speak to them, get plain ignored. This happened a good 10 or so times before i gave up entirely; and no, i am not one of those "GM NOTICE ME" people. I simply tried to welcome them and request a game board play.

    And then.... THEN... we come to support. Oh yes, good old 'support'. Or rather, ANTI-support.
    It's like... every issue I'm asking for help with, i get an incorrect response! Literally... Either they mistake the issue for something entirely different, or just plain ignore me.

    So I'd like to honestly ask now...
    Dear all of you American members of the Maplestory Community,
    Does European English sound like gibberish to you?
    Does our words confuse you?
    Are our languages SO different that it is hard to have a simple conversation with 1 member of the American community?

    I wouldn't be so extremely stressed right now, if we didn't have this ridiculous server merge. Everything before the migration was fine, and players and staff members could understand eachother. But now i don't have any idea what on earth is going on...

    Maybe us European players don't even really exist? Maybe we're just broken game-data. Who knows...

    Going to stop ranting now and make some tea before i break something.

    i mean no offense to Nexon, nor the staff members, nor the community, in any way. I still love you all - even when i don't. F3
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest


    Its very V-themed, i think we can all agree. It suits maple too.

    P.s you can keep your prize, i just want this chair added.
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    Character Name: iimes
    World: Luna

    My Submission:
    Without Character -

    With Character -

    Inspiration for this chair came from the 'Power-up' animation shown by each class in this video:

    The idea was to create a chair which will show off the character - Specifically the characters advancement in strength and power. The colour scheme aimed to be as bright as possible, without looking too bright in the maple world. I had originally wanted to add 1 maple leaf behind the character, but decided on 5 maple leaves instead; 1 maple leaf for every job type. I chose a Maple Leaf to keep the theme relevant to the V update, and Maplestory itself.
    Ideally, the lightning in the foreground of the chair would be animated (Blinking/fading slowing in and out of view) (Unable to animate it myself). The character would be placed ontop of the 'V' when sitting on this chair, and would be placed in combat stance with 'Flaming' face expression (Similar to the auto-emote function of the 'Dun Dun Dun Comic Chair').
    To get this chair, i would be expected to earn it by reaching 5th job advancement - Reach 5th job advancement and show off your power with this amazing V Power-Up Chair!

    Thank you for reading!