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  • Combine the all the regular worlds into 1 world.

    I for one would love a merge worlds again because in the world i am in MYBCKN You hardly see anyone, there is hardly anyone in the Free market these days due to the auction house now. i am sitting in room 4 of free market and far out! few months back i could be sitting in room 8 or 13! and now you only see 1 in room 7 and the 1-4 is packed out but after that you don't see any stalls open. I've been looking for a dex% neb for a few days now and can't find neb's like we could a few months ago.

    Maybe server merge would be the way! Not only that i miss the whole PQ ( I know they nerfed the PQ area) and when i need to level i have to go to maps, where is the communication with players to be able to form friendship??
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    hey y'all, let's stop being salty at the devs and people who work on this game that, for all the crying you do, are gonna play when it comes back up
    which coincidentally has a minimum of 19 more minutes left until official relaunch
    Yep, they could be playing other games and watching things rather then complain about a day worth of maintenance! Gosh! It's no use crying over spilled milk
  • Nexon

    ^ like the one in afterlands with the sack, that one needs fixing even though its only just totems as prizes.
  • Nexon

    I'm glad that they extended this maintenance.

    Why you may ask?

    I rather have them TRYING to fix broken things rather than keeping broken stuff in the live servers.

    Props to Nexon for at least trying to fix stuff.

    YES! people should be happy they are fixing it (or Trying to) instead of bad mouthing them at all they should be able to wait so nexon can FIX the bugs.
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    people behind the scenes to be able to do this for us to play not only that the nexon team are fixing many bugs which showed up after maintance finished. Smh some people don't appreciate how hard these teams work. They might not of had any sleep yet :( people should be praising not bad mouthing them.
    Come on guys, its a game. i may get bad comments about this, but guys, think of it as this way, appreciate that they are trying to fix the bugs NOW rather then taking the server down unexpectedly....yes its been hours and hours and hours, but instead of bad mouthing nexon, appreciate instead, for what THEY are doing. They may of not had sleep, or proper food etc, but least they're trying? maybe shift work to figure everything out. come on guys, its a game, appreciate what they are doing for us. I mean how would you like it if, you had to sit at a computer to fix bugs, fix things for people who are BAD MOUTHING wanting to go on the game? How would you feel? Hurt? upset? want to give up?

    P.S: throw stuff at me, idc, but i say, is fair.
    P.S.S: think of all the leveling you could be doing ONCE the game is up, think of it that way, enjoy the game once its up!