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  • Even after last maintenance...

    It might not be the task manager isn't working. MapleStory in full screen mode tends to monopolize the screen when it isn't responding. This wouldn't be as huge a problem if not for the fact that it also makes it impossible to click anything, since you will just end up clicking back into MapleStory. When you bring up the task manager, press 'M' and then alt + E (the task manager's keyboard command for "end task"[Fun fact: The reason that the 'E' on the "End Task" button is underlined is to illustrate that there is this alt button shortcut for it]) Provided there aren't any other applications open that begin with 'M' that might be selected in its place, it should select and force quit MapleStory, which should also get your screen back to normal too.

    With that being said, it certainly would be a lot better if this issue didn't exist in the first place. I don't know how many people know of this. I figured it out one day when I got tired of having to restart my computer every time MapleStory decided to freeze up.
  • NGS Update error

    I'm getting the same error. I thought the game failed to update properly, so I reinstalled it and it's still happening. Then I thought it might just be a beast tamer thing (aiming for the level 3 link skill currently). I'm both glad and annoyed that it is neither of the above. I hate to sound negative, but the problems seem to be getting worse with each new update.
  • The Afterlands: a GRAVE mistake.


    After recently switching mains to Angelic Buster, I have played through the Afterlands, and it was mostly pretty fun. I do however have one minor complaint. One quest to get a key is set up in a way that is worded like a puzzle with one solution.
    The player is given the choice between three tombstones.
    -A Gold tombstone
    -A Silver tombstone
    -A Bronze tombstone
    The game hints at it being a puzzle by referencing the Story of Axes (the player says they remember a story like the situation). Following that logic, I picked the bronze tombstone. As it turned out though, the choice has no actual effect on completing the quest, and all it does do is permanently changes the color of the tombstone that shows up when you die. I know many people are probably going to say something along the lines of "you should have looked up a guide and known this in advance: or something, but in all honesty, a feature like this shouldn't be something someone has to look up in advance, or at the very least, the effect should be announced ahead of time like in the Masteria Through Time blockbuster (where they decided to announce what items you got by picking a specific response to Doctor Jang's question).

    While there is no changing that now, I suggest adding a followup quest for changing the tombstone again after completing the Afterlands. which could be called "A Grave Mistake". It could likely involve something simple like the other Afterlands daily quests such as gathering treasure piles from the Thieving Moustrosity mobs. I know it sounds a bit silly, but I sometimes get a bit OCD about making these kinds of "customization errors" on a main, especially if they're immutable, and I'm sure there are plenty of other people who would change their tombstones again if they could.
  • Is it possible to KS an elite?

    It used to be possible to "KS" an elite in the sense that if someone swooped in on the map after the elite spawned and outdamaged you, they would get the extra bonus box (for a total of two) while you would get only one of them. At this point, as long as you were the one who "summoned" the elite boss (ie killed the mob that triggered the event), then you get two boxes as well. In other words, it used to be a thing, but now it isn't really.

    Other people might consider it KSing if you kill an elite they are trying to "hold" for their friends/guild/alliance. It can be especially annoying in the arcane river, since elite boss HP doesn't seem scale up the same way as mob hp does there, so most people training there are already strong enough to finish off the elites in a matter of seconds.
  • NX weapons need proper off-hand states.

    Hello. As a corsair, I can't help but notice the fact that many NX weapon covers that say they work on all weapons tend to have one thing in common. They don't particularly work well on guns. With many weapons, different factors seem to occur, ranging, from having awkward layering to being animated in sync to the wrong hand altogether. The main reason that I believe this happens is because unlike all other weapons which are held on the character's main hand, the gun is held in the off-hand (where shields would ordinarily be held). I'm not sure how guns are coded into the game as far as NX covers go, but I really hope this gets fixed soon.