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  • BFF event exp is unfair

    AKradian wrote: »
    Nexon consistently fails to check its new content, both for bugs and for poor design. They have no idea whether anything is too hard (remember Madhouse battery drop rate?), too powerful (choco buff), too laggy (eternal kill-quest lag during Haste event) or too rewarding (bff exp). If it's true that TWMS didn't have exp at all in the BFF Monster Park stage, then it's all the more puzzling that the GMS team added exp without thinking of how to scale it correctly. Does the real monster park give this kind of exp?

    No, the problem was that the event was released before 5th Job and experience adjusted with respect to your level in TWMS. Likely something bugged out again at the code and the game formula for the experience adjustment just went crazy (hence why level 185-199 gained no exp neither). If Nexon really wanted the stage to give experience then they would have made the Picnic Stage to give experience, too. The normal Monster Park gives the same as the Picnic: nothing at all. I will guess the bug triggered at Monster Park and not Picnic because Monster Park mobs scale their levels and HP in a different way (since it scales per room entry).

    So again, the problem arose from the lack of proper testing of events or anything from Nexon before releasing their update to live, rather they decided to introduce something too broken while being unawere of it. And like Classic Nexon always does, they didn't made a unsheudled maintenance until their coders figured out how to fix the bug, nor they said no word regarding the event being broken.

    Funnily enough Chocobuff was also a sort of the same stick. The original Choco event in JMS was super powerful, but super hard to obtain. Choco frenzy was pretty much the norm after 50. It is not like GMS nerfed Choco Frenzy rate in purpose, the game sometimes froze for a minute after an injection to afterwards no choco frenzy, even after a 250 injection sometimes, in JMS there was no froze at all. I don't remember the reward shop items handling but I don't recall seeing 100 stock numbers, I think the items were P2W like the Sengoku entry after a small stock in the reward shop.