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  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    To those suggesting Nebulite revamp: it is a bad idea. Just look at what happened to Kanna now, GMS just does not know how to balance their own content. Any revamp will result in a broken system full of bugs that will be adressed in years worth of time, and likely will result in an overall nerf than anything else. Even if a revamp is succesfully done, the system is still heavily unbalanced in nature: you have nebulites that almost removes status and knockouts altogether, removing much of the need for mechanics and skills against a plethora of bosses. You have nebulites that can add invencibility per hit for pretty much eternally, nebulites which gives so much ignore defense that the potential lines becomes useless and so on. If you remove D Nebulites you will give players a way too much power since C-B Nebulites can get a way too strong sometimes, whereas the current D are trash altogether.

    And the P2W, oh, the P2W. Any necessary massive revamp to balance out the system will ultimately end with a lot of players frustrasted that the nebulies they invested so much in obtaining became worthless, which is about the same problem with just changing the system to Flames altogether. For those with concerns about losing all their nebulites in a change of systems, the solution is a rather straigthfoward. Nexon just need to open an event shop with Flames and a system to exchange your nebulites for coins for the shop, and an item capable of removing nebulites from equips without destroying them (which can cost like 100 million mesos each and they can add a NX based pack for 5 to make it profitable for Nexon). After a given time, nebulites from equips and items will be gone altogether and everyone should be gifted some extra flames for the invonvenences, and that is all, loss controlled, migrating from a system to the other does not have to mean a finger for everyone with a lot of Nebulites now.

    About why Flames are great, they, just, are, period. They are a far more gradual kind of upgrade which is not dependent in supremely bad drop rates, it is not P2W, it gives a punch in power to LV151+ equips which right now sucks in GMS, it gives an incentive (and surprise) to get many copies of the same equip rather just selling them forever on, they combo with events so much better. And ultimately, it gives more power to most players without the need of cubes, but in a more balanced way. KMS does not do everyone all right, but Flames are just simply put one of the best things they have put out from their hat. The most funny thing is that removing Flames is actually costlier for Nexon, since they need to reprogram every single update, content and event to intentionally remove them, since Flames ARE ALREADY CODED IN THE GAME, so it is much simpler, and much less bug prone to just stop interfering and making them available.
  • Nebulite System Revamp

    MrCards wrote: »
    ill, much rather them just replacing the neb system, with flames, gms don't know how to revamp stuff properly. they will just probably Butcher the "Revamped" Nebulites to an even greater extent then it already is. like making it even more unobtainable, or broken, or pay for win. flames owns nebs.

    As for the transition Nebulite to Flame I suggest to just put a NPC that allows you to exchange your nebulites for coins (more for each rank), and also an item to remove the nebulites from equips without destroying them. With those coins you can buy flames at a special event shop. After a given date all nebulites from equips or standalone will be removed altogether and all players will be gifted some flames as an apology for inconvences. That is all.

    The most funny thing is that flames are already coded in GMS, in fact we have flamed gear in Luna since they had flames in the past, so all you have to do is to stop removing flames from specific shops/events, which is actually easier labor wise. So the only trouble is making the shop, the NPC (which can be Maple Admin with just a few added options temporally like the dozen of times they have done that before) and the item to remove nebulites from equips (and they can even put it at the same event shop with a high meso price and add a cash shop version to pay for the coding, if they feel like).
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Nexon, is it really that hard to do things right? It really is so hard that it becomes impossible for you to do just as much?

    Kanna NEEDS the current buff to being capable of doing things alone, without it the class becomes totally useless aside as a Kishin mule and as a buff for magician boss parties. Right now you will force Kanna mains to drop the class altogether and highly likely a lot of them leave Maple altogether, and with that all the NX they wanted to invest, just to add. The solution is just as simple as adding a passive effect to the skill that makes up the difference from the nerf: not a change to the buff, a passive, so it only affects the Kanna.

    Now you just admited that a goal is to balance magician and physical classes, so... why not just change the MATK% for Final Damage?

    If you do those two things I doubt someone will complain about even a strong 3/4 nerf to the party buff (or you can even remove the party buff altogether and make it a self buff, to make it super simple). Everyone will be happy = More $ for Nexon. Everyone wins with this, we're not against you Nexon, we are all in the same team this time, just stop kicking the ball to your team's arch again.
  • I've had it.

    bumbertyr wrote: »
    or we could be rebels and use one of the JMS login themes

    can't find the actual version but i did find the remix

    I would be so so so so so happy with this one! Oh well~ Anything except the current one, please, XD.
  • BFF Event

    Eh, no, the event is not worthless because we get coins we can use in a shop for Epic Potential Scrolls, Honor, Boost Trait Potion and stuff. There are also some neat cosmetics and chairs. Once you get everything you need from the shop you can still gain Synergy LV6 items, which are x2 experience and drop for an hour (with added power) for what was rarely more than a 10-15 minutes work, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion (stock up what you will use in your main and mules). They even stack in a single inventory space and while they don't have a shelf life higher than a month, it is still a whole month of x2 experience and drop. Also the event still gives some experience, even if it is not superior to training.

    We've got a good attendance check event too, with actual good rewards this time. We got gifted ability circulators and coupons as well. We will get a neat hot week the next week and a lot more of events with nice rewards. Haste event is running right now which is nice no matter how you see it.

    I cannot say that Nexon is ignoring us event-wise just because we cannot hit LV200 in a night anymore.
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