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  • Plus recently in KMS Hekaton received a bunch of bug fixes, so the battle is much more playable now! I totally agree, bring Hekaton, we will love you Nexon!
  • To those suggesting Nebulite revamp: it is a bad idea. Just look at what happened to Kanna now, GMS just does not know how to balance their own content. Any revamp will result in a broken system full of bugs that will be adressed in years worth of t…
  • PhantomMasterThief wrote: » I would L O V E this. just without the cash shop option please. keep flames F2P. also then people won't complain about nebulites removal, nice idea. Oh, I just meant the item to remove nebulites from equips, sinc…
  • MrCards wrote: » ill, much rather them just replacing the neb system, with flames, gms don't know how to revamp stuff properly. they will just probably Butcher the "Revamped" Nebulites to an even greater extent then it already is. like making it e…
  • Xenooooon wrote: » Highlighting nexon's economical business with employee's that have nothing to do with it is just annoying (to read from your post), if you want to be helpful, you shouldnt highlight cash related things to something that has noth…
  • Nexon, is it really that hard to do things right? It really is so hard that it becomes impossible for you to do just as much? Kanna NEEDS the current buff to being capable of doing things alone, without it the class becomes totally useless aside …
  • I have mixed feelings with this. By one hand I agree that once you hit 180% drop the game... well, it becomes a way too easy and flash quick to cap absolutely everything bar the last area symbol and droplets. It removed a lot of challenge and suc…
  • bumbertyr wrote: » or we could be rebels and use one of the JMS login themes can't find the actual version but i did find the remix I would be so so so so so happy with this one! Oh well~ Anything except the current one, please, XD.
    in I've had it. Comment by Nyara April 2017
  • MrHellbann wrote: » Nexon should increase the drop rate. It is a super dupe chair though. I still think they should raise the drop rate a bit.
  • And just in case someone is doubtful, nodestones does not possess a higher drop rate neither. It is the same rate in all the Arcane River that is 1/3000 (with only baseline drop rate). People have tested it already.
    in Lach Symbols Comment by Nyara March 2017
  • Nexon is never going to control botting more than they do already at all. That would require a different policy making and higher staff involved in patrolling that Nexon has not done literally in a decade, and easily it will take another decade befo…
  • Yeah, seems like a buddy that is hard to deal with. I don't think it is related to love but more to general idiocy and laziness. It is up to you what to do, but don't really expect that he is going to change, people doesn't change their habits or wa…
  • To be honest I'm OK with the new order. Rave and Rants is mostly about IRL stuff, it can also be Maple stuff, but not serious stuff directed for anybody. It is a section to free up some space from Off Topic and General Chat, which are a tad satured.…
  • Eh, no, the event is not worthless because we get coins we can use in a shop for Epic Potential Scrolls, Honor, Boost Trait Potion and stuff. There are also some neat cosmetics and chairs. Once you get everything you need from the shop you can still…
    in BFF Event Comment by Nyara March 2017
  • AKradian wrote: » Nexon consistently fails to check its new content, both for bugs and for poor design. They have no idea whether anything is too hard (remember Madhouse battery drop rate?), too powerful (choco buff), too laggy (eternal kill-ques…
  • I recommend installing the Decent Mystic Door skill node so you can comeback to the town, go to the bathroom or whever your brb reason was and then comeback to your map quickly thorugh the door. Personally I find this annoying, but I guess I gotta d…
    in Random mob Comment by Nyara March 2017
  • The event was imported from TMS, where it didn't give the broken experience it is giving here, in fact, it gave almost no experience at all (exactly the same that you receive from Alishan, another TMS content). So unsurprising, it is a glitch. Also …