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  • Unschedueled Maint 8:00pm est-10:00pm est

    I normally do my daily boss runs but only got to do a few before maintenance came on. Hopefully it won't last too long, I live in Pacific time but I'd still like to have at least two more hours to do my daily runs. Yeah I could just stay up late but as someone who wakes up at 6:00 am every morning for work I need to get some sleep.

    Oh well, Ill just keep an eye out for any word from the mods.

    EDIT: Just saw the news for the unscheduled maintenance, looks like it's only two hours. I should have plenty of time once it's back on. Lol, it says "Thursday October 10th" even though the 10th is a Monday. Whoops.
    Missing a day won't be the end of the world for you either. If you need to get up at 6am, real life obligations take priority over a game. Just eat the one-day loss and start back tomorrow on your routine.

    That coment lol, u clearly don't understand any maplers around, its not about missing one day, its about having the opportunity to finish cuz theorically u have time enough to do and having to stay late to success on the chance u got (but ofc u could have had more time if nexon didn't do unschedule on the middle of the afternoon instead than at night.
  • Harrasment

    Sorry to ask here but I want fast answer, if it can be from a moderator even better,

    I want to know what should I do to report someone correctly from harassment, theres this guy who keep harrasting me on my mushie shop every single time I enter on it, its been already like over 7 times he did that and I didn't actually save proofs because I was too lazy and I tho well hell stop eventually but he keeps still doing it so next time ima take screen shot to proof he is harrasting me but what should I do to get him banned because this is very annoying already after that he tracks me and whisp me when I log in the game and blocking som1 doesn't actually help u that much because u can log in mules to keep doing it

    Thanks for the answers. I hope this guy get banned soon