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  • Remove or increase reward point cap for players

    Hi there,

    Please remove or increase reward point cap for players, don't cut everything which has even tiny benefit for all players. This monthly reward point cap is just stupid, I am watching at my reward points to expire!!
  • Please allow equiped sweetwater equips psok once

    Hi there,

    Till today, l don't understand why sweetwater equips are not able to be psoked after equiped. I think it would be nice if they are able to be traded even once. Please consider about this, thanks.
  • Why is the Dark Lord of Darkness event so short???

    It is a good point, I support.
    Or I would suggest making the Dark Rack items for receiving random totems tradeable within the account for the characters in the same family (i.e. all explorers). This can improve the possibility of obtaining the wanted ones.
  • Anti-afk mobs...

    I have to say this auto-mob spawn setting is really dumb, they fly to you with a booster in their ass once you enter a high-level map. They hit you and bind you with high percentage HP drop, but you can't use any potions. One time, with the laggy of my laptop, I was dead when I saw the screen. Really stupid and dumb setting, needs to be removed definitely.
  • We need such changes.

    darik wrote: »
    HuskyDM wrote: »
    HHG1 wrote: »
    5. When you change characters within your account, just return to character selection screen instead of channel selection. It is really annoying, why do l need to select channel when l change my characters?

    We had this at one point but it made the servers/client really unstable for some reason and then they just gave up on fixing it.

    Well, I don't understand why. But it seems KMS can have this function and they have more players than GMS.

    KMS is leaps and bounds a much better quality built game than GMS, either that or Koreans don't complain as much. Every little bit of change that GMS introduces seems to always end in causing more problems for reasons unknown, and rather than committing to changing anything they instead scrap it.

    They probably do a balance to see whats more ex0ensive and what they can afford, if it ends like they cant afford trying to fix it they wont fix it , thats how i see it at least, its a company after all and they need to see whats worth investing into and whats not.
    Also consider gms is a mix of a lot of maplestories from other parts of the world hence the global thing and they also have exclusive content, while kms is pure kms, so the risk of having buggs and stuff being more imponpatible is higuer in gms than in kms , thats what i think but i have no idea about programming or how the games code work.

    I agree with you, it is all about balance. As players, we want to have our expectations to come true if applicable but it is up to GMS and l respect that. But I still believe for some suggestions, GMS has the ability to achieve it.