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  • MapleStory 2 release date please?

    LMAO MapleStory 2 will be short lived in NA, Everyone hype it up for awhile people who left GMS will come back to try it out after maybe 90 days the hype will die out and people will return to GMS.

    Go a head believe what YOU want the sad fact about why MapleStory population is declining for is because a lot of the people who played are now having to work ect...

    Care to explain how you can tell the future of a new game? Again just because you choose not to like the 3D style of MS2 does not necessarily mean that everyone will hate the style as well. MS2 will definitly not be a flop when it comes to NA. Will it be more popular than MS1? Maybe not but that can not be told yet until the game comes out. Even if MS2 isn't as popular as MS1 does not mean it will be short lived. Nor does it mean it will shut down right away or be a flop of a game. it's still doing decent in Korea not as great as once it came out but still pretty decent game to play. Point is MS2 will indeed be a popular game and there will be an audience large enough for that game that it will bring in enough money for Nexon to not shut down. The amount of popularity that MS2 will have is yet to be determined though and that will need to wait until it releases. Again stop trying to state your opinions as facts. No one can tell the future.
  • MapleStory 2 release date please?

    Guys you should just give your hope up on MapleStory 2 Coming to NA , As a Kms2 Player i saw the lack of members in that game and looking around i saw that it was slowly dying off abit. We might not even get the game in our region due to the popularity. Yes you may say "If its dying off then why is the game still coming out with new updates and events" Well Why do you think GMS Is up even if its low on players ? <_< Trying to bring back the community tho its somewhat not working with the Korean. But hey, if we do get MS2, it wont be till after 2020 anyways so just kinda give up on it for now.

    You obviously do not know anything about MS2. yes the community isn't as big as it was but that was bc the content updates were extremely slow which then made the playerbase die down. Also there have been multiple things already foreshadowing an English version coming over "soon". Job applications and multiple English files already. The fact that China had received the game already and I believe other regions are getting there's as well. The game will indeed come out to NA it's just a matter of when. I highly doubt it will be that much longer anyway seeing as there have been plenty of hints at MS2 already. I say a late 2018 at the most. Remember how long MS1 came over after it was released in Korea. About 2 years or so. MS2 has been released in 2013 so it hasn't been that much longer as of yet. NA will be stupid not to bring in MS2 as it will be indeed a very "hot" game for this region which will bring in more money for them.
  • No More FM

    This is a good thing and how the game should have been from the beginning. This is pushing the auction house and trading features more than just a fm spam fest instead. In reality the fm was just a big nuisance and all it did was create problems. It was too time consuming to do any kind of merching in the fm and virtually impossible to sell anything worthwhile due to the fact you need to log on right after maintances just to get a good spot. Then you have those shop botters, spot stealers, and spot hoggers that also ruin the fm. The auction house should have been implemented from the very beginning of the game as all other mmos had done. The only ones that will get mad at this update are the nostalgia freaks who want everything old back in the game. The merchers who now will find it harder to scam other players money, and the market spammers who clutter the fm with unnecessary jargon. Overall, with the increase mesos cap and easier searching this will improve the trading in the game in a big way. Merching will also be a lot easier now since you are able to see everything at once and not have to hop from market to market. Really don't understand the players in this game anymore. TBH the fm is unnecessary anyway ever since they implemented the auction house. Only people who really use the fm are the ones that are selling over max mesos items anyway. They are increasing the mesos cap and improving the auction house now. I see no big difference besides nostalgia reasons.
  • maplestory 2 confirmed?????????????????

    there would be no point in releasing a north american english version of maple story 2. the game would totally flop, it's play style has nothing in common with maplestory the original. i am attracted to maplestory due to it being a classic 2d side scroller that is updated to be current. if i wanted to play a 3d mmorpg it wouldn;t be maplestory 2 it would be like diablo 3 or something else entirely.

    I don't mean to be rude but this is a really dumb argument in why MS2 will flop. All you stated was opinions imo and you arn't the majority of the fanbase that plays Global MS. Just bc you won't play it and you think it has nothing to do with MS does not mean it will flop. All that means is that YOU won't be playing the game. If you ever played KMS2 you would know the gameplay is more or less the same style as MS1 has. It's just in 3D format instead. It has a lot more community aspect in the game too than MS1 has which is a good thing. So please just shut it if you aren't going to bring in a good argument to why MS2 will fail In NA. You don't even know what a mmorpg is and you're stating like you know everything in the world of gaming. Diablo 3 is a hack and slash and basically a solo game. MMORPGS has a full community in itself and revolves team work.
  • MapleStory 2 release date please?

    Neospector wrote: »
    Wait................... what do you mean by that? :/

    In the Korean market, Maplestory 2 isn't (or wasn't, I'm unsure of its popularity currently) doing as well as Maplestory. This is because of a number of factors, like poor advertising.
    A similar issue occurred with the Wii U; Nintendo poorly advertised the system and many people thought it was an extension of the Wii, resulting in lower sales, despite quite a few of the games being quite good.

    Overall there's no official release date that I've heard off, either officially from Nexon or from community reports. Only speculation based on supposed job offers related to MS2 appearing and disappearing from the Nexon website. So, we'll see what happens when it happens if it happens, nothing's confirmed or denied and it's mostly up in limbo for now.

    I see.

    Well, there are alot of weird things in this world. Like that Gangnam Style video. Why would that Korean MV receive over 100m views in 2 months, but MapleStory 2 videos are receiving 20k-30k views in 1 year on YouTube?

    Because MS2 will never be MS ever. It's a completely different game in general, just with the maplestory license slapped onto it.

    Really now have you even played that game or just going by a few videos and blogs here and there? Please prey tell what makes MapleStory MapleStory? To me what makes Maplestory is the fact that it involves chibi like characters in an cartoonish environment. Low cd to no cd skills, unique events and monsters/bosses, as well as a good grind type of game. MS2 has all of that and some even though it revolves more about customization and dungeons it still has that grind factor in it. Since their are times you need to grind in that game. Please do not tell me you think MS is MS just because MS1 is 2D and this is a 3D game. That's just silly because that isn't what makes MS MS at all. That's only one small factor. MS is a unique cartoonish type of game and MS2 is just that but in 3D. The game play is very similar to MS1 just it involves more user customization and real raids compared to MS1.