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January 26, 1995
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If you can't make it the first time then try again!
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Want to know something about me? Then just ask. ^^
  • Last Chance: Global Migration Update

    I'm having some problem here too... :/
    I tried to login on my account on which I've already accepted all the terms and such. I managed to get past the channel selection on my second try and the character list started loading. But! Once it was done loading the list was empty. All my characters must have gone somewhere else if they did make it past the migration...
    Any known problems surrounding this?
  • Coming from EMS? Introduce yourself here!

    Hellu, nice to meet you all!

    My journey in Maplestory started way, waaaay back. To be honest I can't remember how long it has been... It was the time when the only class available was the regular adventurers and the whole Mapleworld looked different, especially Maple Island. Maybe you know when it was? :)
    But thinking back the first thing that comes to mind is that I couldn't play Maple at home. I always had to borrow my friends older brothers computor to join the fun. And back then I was young and stupid which made the grinding very tough. Just gaining one level took ages so I was lucky to have my friends accompany.
    Hahahah, ohhh the memories! Good times, good times <3

    During my mapling, somehow, life always found ways to make its existence known so all this time I been a player who has been drifting back and forth.
    But here I am, once again ready to place my foot in the face of the Balrogs!
    The name is Marcus. I'm a 21y old swede, whose hopes is that his Ultimate Adventurers manages to cross the doorstep of the migration with their lives intact. ^^
    Hopefully we'll meet on Luna. If not, happy mapling!!!