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December 16, 1998
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"Hey! Hey! They're gonna bring in the big guns if you kill civilians!"
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Heya! I'm Sherri. I also go by Meyling/Mizuli. (My old forum name was AlisiaAnnieSparkle). I'm a big gaming nut and I love playing MapleStory and Mabinogi. I check on the forums of Maple and Mabi here and there. /Been on Nexon forums since December 2012.
  • It's time for a change.

    i wanna chime in and tell you a little something.

    hackers and botters will always find a way around any security set in place. i have played MMORPG's that cost money, i would still get messages advertising illicit activity's like selling in game currency for real money and such. heck they may even go as far as hacking other peoples accounts to advertise for all i know.

    there is an old saying to keep in mind; "Where there's a will, there's a way." that goes double when money can be made. hackers, cheaters, and botters really ruin games, but there is no real magic bullet to stop them 100%. Nexon will do what it can to stop them, but there is only so much they can do at one time.

    But the problem is that those "hackers/botter/etc" have and are continuing to ruin the games economy for everyone!

    PS. we don't have tradeable cash equpis master/meister cubes,and a lot of goodies beccause of those so called "hackers" in nexon words or nexons vfms words (not trying to be insulting )

    the hackes could buy cash equpis sell them for meso or vice versa, and we don't have reward points as drops from elite bosses because of them.

    +we don't have the ability to fully buy certain cash items with reward points alone, because again, you guessed it: "hackers"

    i wish they could find some way that would benefit the legit players while punishing those "hackers".

    i'm sick of the fact that gms doesn't get good stuff because of hackers aka: cheaters that cheat and "feels like" they don't get punished, or punished enough to not cheat again. sigh...

    I agree, we shouldn't be missing out on good content just because of hackers.
    I'm getting sick of this crap we put up with.
  • Your Ideal Cadena

    Petalmagic wrote: »
    Sherri wrote: »
    Not sure about Cadena, I'll probably keep her the way she is for a while until I find a nice hair or face.
    I can't get cash shop items, I don't see a point if they'll expire. -_-

    Though am I the only one who thinks that Illium is better before the crystal change?
    He's shoo cute :3

    Yeah, if the old cash items (Like the gosh darn Bats Bane) were permanent, Id buy like...ten of them. and Yeah, good thing is...you can save that cyute Illium hair in Beauty Salon (in theory)

    I hope so..!