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  • Lift the (GMS) curse on Liberated Kaiserium

    I was just thinking now that 25 star system and umbra weaponsare a thing, why is the GMS version of the Kaiserium still locked to not gaining any stars and it being unscrollable? I have linked the two different versions of them under..
    I would like to see the Kaiserium being "uncursed?" to make it match the KMS version. I dont see any reason for it being locked like this as the Umbra weapons are still better (Kaiserium would have 1 slot + 2 hammers and it doesnt get a good flame) It is also lower level so it will gain less stats for each star compared to umbra.

    GMS: https://i.imgur.com/xOvtBHC.png
    KMS: https://i.imgur.com/pR0zunt.png
  • Disable Breath of Divinity skill for phase 2 HWill

    Hi, its me again.

    I just had a few runs with my squad this week and realised something weird in the bossfight with Hard Will.
    I have seen run from KMS, where the boss is way harder than in GMS.
    On phase 2 of the boss ALL healing is supposed to be disabled (with exceptions on when you use the moonlight skill (5 sec healing)).
    However this is not the case.. Both Breath of divinity and healing familiars work for regening health.
    The Breath of Divinity skill makes you heal constantly, and therefore.. Close to impossible to die. This literally bypasses the whole point of the boss.
    You can stand still and attack him without being afraid of dodging at all.
    This + how much stronger GMS is in general vs KMS seems very off.

    I would like to suggest a change in the second phase of Will, where the Breath of Divinity skill is disabled and familiars dont heal you.


    UPDATE: Potion pot apparently works aswell... GMS wants this boss to be too easy