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  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    not even BDO with their massive updates that made their world 30% bigger each time and all those stuff had this kind of bugs, and they are new, can't believe after 10 YEARS you still do the same, it hurts to see how you guys keep just throwing new content without testing and keep killing this game.
    you a you know that.? let see how you'd be doing. not because they already extended the game once that everything is the same? i wish i'd see you scripting and doing all that stuff bro.! Just wait and enjoy the play when its back on .stop crying

    it's their job, they get paid to do their job, is like a doctor that tells you "sry i have no idea what went wrong during surgery, we'll try to fix you soon" over and over and over, or a mechanic who says "sry i have no idea why i fixed something but something else broke" everytime with every client.

    If this team keep screwing every single patch, it means something it's wrong with their staff, and i don't neet to be a genius to see that
    When you learn to code go give it a try then tell me how it goes ok bud? because being a coder myself i can tell you your example is trash. codes break theres codes that conflict theres codes thats have issues with other codes nothing in the game dev worlds works 100% ever. so again go do what they do and then once you learn oh hey its actually hard and oh hey nothing works out 100% of the time then youl understand. because theres been so many times where iv done stuff and im like ok yea this should work and it broke something else or just didnt work. AND in every game ever when a update comes it ALWAYS introduces new bugs go look at every games update history and youl ALWAYS find bug fixes.

    anyone noitce so many mihiles :o