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  • Allowing certain classes to equip all class weaps

    MapleSapo wrote: »
    Would be interesting, but It is hard to add to the game. A weapon has it's own character movement animation, and this would bring conflicts with skills intented to work with specific weapons.

    I think they just mean they want to wear the equips (for looks), not to do anything with them (like casting skills), like old novelty common weapons (tubes, surfboards, valentine's day roses, red whips, and the like), which was common back in the day, even outside of alternative builds like dagger warriors and mages using maces. At the moment, older classes can still do that, I think (but can't use skills with them, of course), but newer classes (and perhaps freshly revamped classes), can't even equip weapons other than the specific weapon they're supposed to use, so they're locked out of being able to use old novelty weapons. This wouldn't be that difficult to change, especially since the skills themselves already have restrictions that prevent you from trying to cast them with the wrong weapon, there's no need for the classes to also have those restrictions.
  • How to improve the game (GMS)

    Royal Style

    The system is Royal Style and Masterpiece, not "Royal Label". "Labels" are just sets of outfits. In what way would getting these systems be an improvement over the Surprise Style Box system?

    In order for a person to get a Master Label item on their own, they have to gamble on both Royal Style Coupons and Masterpiece Machines, much like getting vac pets with Wonderberry and Luna Crystals. Most, if not all, of the clothing from these two systems are already available to us through various Surprise Style Boxes, for example, the 8th Master Label set, the Master Blood set, which we call "Crimson Fate" equips, minus the weapon, "Blood Oath", is available in Adventure Surprise Style Boxes. The 10th and 11th Master Label sets, Master Shadow and Master Star, were put in the Premium Surprise Style Box rotations in December of the past two years. Additionally, the Magical Tailor set (Master Tailor here), the 91st Special Label set is current in Premium Surprise Style Boxes right now.

    It's not like adding these systems would give us 94+ new outfits, we've already gotten most of them, and will continue to get them regardless of whether or not we have Royal Style Coupons or Masterpiece Machines.

    The biggest change would be getting stats on Cash Shop equips, via set effects for Special Label clothes or set effects and temporary stats on Master Label clothes, which is, I would think, a rather contentious point among players, and not strictly a benefit. The worst part is they don't usually re-run these clothes (but are occasionally available as jackpot items from stuff like upcoming "New Maple Leaf" box event), so after they're out, we might never see them again. I think they also admitted they don't plan on re-running items via the conference a little while back.

    The positives would be:
    - Since it's double layered RNG, the Master Label sets are available for longer than a few Surprise Style Box rotations since they're the featured item in the second layer RNG (Masterpiece Machines) for like a year, they don't get rotated out as frequently.
    - Royal Style Coupons are cheaper, 2.2k per coupon vs 3.4k for Surprise Style Boxes (or roughly 3090 NX if you buy the 11 pack boxes, sometimes Royal Style Coupons are sold in packages, but they are not usually discounted, so they're basically always 2.2k)
    -- If you want the Master Label sets, it costs an additional 900 NX (Masterpiece Machine)/1900 NX (Premium Masterpiece Machine) to attempt fusing one Special Label and one Special Label or Red Label item to attempt to make a Master Label item (again, it's very much like getting vac pets), items fused with the 900 NX regular Masterpiece Machine will be untradeable.
    - There are fewer items in Royal Style Coupons, but they also include things like smegas, chairs, and 30 day label/quote rings.

    The cost and contents aren't technically inherent to the system, they could make Royal Style Coupons more expensive or Surprise Style Boxes cheaper, or they could release Royal Style Coupon rotations with more items or Surprise Style Box rotations with less items.

    The biggest thing is, what is the point of switching? We already get the clothes, and no one has to do this double RNG stuff to get Master Label clothes.


    This is not different from Reward Points. It's the same system with a different name. The fact that ours is more restrictive is not an indicator that it's a different thing entirely. If you want 100% mileage/reward point purchases, then say that, saying we should get "mileage" instead of "reward points" is wrong. The Taiwanese MapleStory version just opened up some items to 100% mileage/reward point purchases in their version 230, they didn't change the name from what it was before when it was more restrictive.

    Non-KMS Content
    Basically all your suggestions are to revert or change things to be in line with KMS, except for the server merge.

    I'm just gonna say that making every other version KMS won't necessarily make them better (or worse), unless your goal is just "to be KMS".
  • boss entry

    Achievements are account wide, so if you want the ones for other boss difficulties, you could just do them on a separate character.
  • Gambling or Gaming

    I know this seems like a big "gotcha" moment towards Nexon, but the MapleTips are actually referring to player-run gambling games. I think the one most people would be familiar with is a lottery type game: bots used to spam about "most equitable powerball" games run in the free market. Nexon is not okay with that kind of stuff, hence, the MapleTips.

    I'm not saying Nexon can't be downright predatory with regards to cubes and other cash shop stuff, but the MapleTips are very much not about that.
  • Anyone know the name of this item?

    It's the Gold Angora Gatsby, a surprise style box item from long ago.