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  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    After the statement again from the admin. I believe this is solely targeting people with drop gear rather than helping the unfunded players. Nerfing us so we can all struggle to play maple again. Raise your hands if anyone want to do 50 bosses a day to get 5 cubes every day and never able to tier your items out. Or farm hours and hours of event boxes to get coins or weeks upon weeks to get nodestone? Why make some party quest where unfunded players can do to get free meso and good items instead of nerfing everything .
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    you want to balance the game between rich and the poor its ok. you guys can make new end game set where u can only acquire by marvel or guild/alliance store. and people have to boss and PQ AND help each other to get items together or something. When you guys did a huge nerf on evo lab, hall of honor, lion heart castle, strong hold 2, it made a lot of my friends and people quit maple. everything is nerfed drastically instead of balancing the game. when you get did a massive nerf on hayato instead of balancing the class, my pro friend quit right after the nerf.
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    i can imagine all the loyal maple players who supports this game is going to quit including me if its going to nerf really bad. there is no other ways to make meso to cubing without spending a lot of money with out drop gear anyways. hope you guys change the drop gear rate back to normal soon. If you want to close the gap between rich and poor. make a store that rewards guild members and alliance members for bossing together or doing events together.
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    i spent $1600 on cubing my drop gear. now you going to nerf it. it is going to affect how I farm cubes? I spend years to get my drop gear and farming mules from playing. how can I trust you when ever I invested my time in the game and you guys end game nerfing things.