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December 31, 2016
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I am a fabulous green-skinned dinosaur!
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I am a wanna be blogger, please be kind with me (I am also as mysterious as a tomato and as genderless as the wind)!
  • Few questions from an old player returning.

    In case you want to know the limited time classes (they release during special events).

    Zero (you need a level 100 character), Hayato, Kanna, Angelic Buster, Kaiser, Beast Tamer, Kinesis, the 6 heroes, Mihile, Demon, and Xenon. I think Dual Blade, Cannoneer, and Jett became normal classes (they can be created at any time).
  • Key to the Future

    42 was said... So... a Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy themed patch!? OH MY GOD! So long and thanks for all the fish!
  • Donald Trump Won!

    Anti-Trump's reaction 1 & 2

    My reaction 1 & 2

    First of all, I am neutral, so whoever would have won, I would have said something 'bout it.

    Many of you might be disappoint. However, this was the result of democracy. This proved the system wasn't rigged like a few believed it to be. The underdog itself won, against all odds.

    I found the campaign to be... odd. Don't sell the bear's skin before killing it.

    This is how the whole campaign felt on Hillary's side. Even some in Canada that supported Hillary were like that too. It also felt like they were more excited for a woman president* rather than have a new president with good ideas.
    *:Many said that a woman president would be great. I have no problem with that, however, the way they overly put this specific point (her being a woman and who shall be president. yes, many confirmed it**) in the spotlight might have had negative effects for Hillary. Like I said a few lines above, it felt like they wanted a woman as president more than the ideas from said potential president.

    **:One journalist said on October 11th that Trump was losing big time, and that the only thing he could do was maybe try to get a few more votes to not be completely crushed. The Journalist added that IF Trump (which was supposedly 0%), won, he'd excuse himself. Today, said journalist excused himself. I loved that moment. He was a little ashamed (journalists are supposed to be neutral, aren't they? and Russia, oh my!).

    I have also found the attitude of some to be less than stellar. True, I am not a prime example of attitude myself, but going on social media to show how vulgar you can be because the one you supported lost (or the one you didn't really like, won), is questionable (looking at you Cher. her Tweets...!)*.
    *:Pointing your finger at someone for being vulgar and disrespectful, and then being just as vulgar. That's... isn't that a contradiction? *Phoenix Wright moment*

    I heard some compared Trump to Hitler, which is... rather extreme. I doubt he'd give the order to kill anyone. Those saying such a thing, where are their proof of such grave accusations? This is no mere joke. Comparing a (very) rich and non politically-correct man, to hatred, evil, and violence personified, better be explained. Perhaps I have failed to find videos of him spreading hatred, violence and evil, especially on Hitler's level (which is out of any scale known to humans).

    As I've said already, Donald Sterling is far more despicable (and I do not remember anyone being on his side). Saying NOT to bring black people watch his basketball team, yet, he still has black people in his basketball team. Where is the logic? You don't want black people going to watch your team, but you have black people in the team you own.
    This one is not racist either. Real racism is far too controversial to talk about in here. But let me tell you, it's far worst than even Donald Sterling. This one was just dumb beyond human comprehension.

    I am sure that even the world's smartest individual will never understand such reasoning.

    Trump feels more like any internet vulgar "troll" that tries to get people mad on purpose more than anything else.

    If people complain about Trump being elected, that is quite ironic. For the outcome of this election is the exact meaning of democracy: The voice of the population itself.

    Be graceful in defeat, and humble in victory. Obama & Hillary said it some way or another: Let's see what he does. If you support and respect them, heed their words.

    I am not ordering anyone anything (who the heck would I be for that?), but think about your attitude.

    Also, here's a part of one of Madonna's posts on Instagram.

    All Politicians Lie. ALL!! Even our most Beloved and Esteemed. Can we please get off the email scenario. What did the F.B.I. Prove this time? Can we. focus on the Bigger Picture??! If Trump were elected we would be at War in no time at all.

    This is... err... weird. This wasn't the time to say something like this. Because this doesn't sound good at all. Not at all.

    No matter which side you chose, here's a victory for everyone. I wonder if he's telling the truth. That's one hard pill to swallow for him.
  • Doge's Seal of Quality

    People didn't even notice the reference to Mass Effect 3. Spoiler Alert No matter how many choices you have, they all have the same result! BAM!

    @Pride I shall not obey one of the seven deadly sins! May the power of the Christ compels you!

    @Maryse I was Born This Way. However, maple syrup helps. You're Canadian y tou, alors you peux find un peu, somewhere facilement.
  • If you were a Sim, what would your traits be?

    depending on the weather, cold right now. lucky 8 degrees Celcius !
    That makes no sense.
    I think this Pink Bean only chose the Unstable trait. Reminds me of incoherent bird meme. "I wish I could earn wallets, because oranges don't have pineapples." No wait... even that made too much sense to be incoherent bird...