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December 31, 2016
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I am a fabulous green-skinned dinosaur!
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I am a wanna be blogger, please be kind with me (I am also as mysterious as a tomato and as genderless as the wind)!
  • Anyone else wish they could go back?

    NEIN! I like the future! And I look forward not having a bad past, so I prepare for the future always, so I can look back at my past and say "I done something good by preparing for the future in the past, so that my past is actually looking good!"

    Also, there's nothing wrong living with your parents until you're ready. Have any idea how many left too soon and had to return (not getting hired at jobs, bad roommates, loss of jobs can be disastrous for recent "independent" young folks)? Of course, that's a different story when the parents themselves "push" their children out. But they should check to see if everything is A-OK to begin with.

    Nobody wants to botch a satellite's launch into space, roght!? Nobody should want to botch a child's launch in life, then!

    Oh...! My analogies are so inspirational!
  • Fabulous MapleStory corss-over... magnificent!

    Glad you enjoy Mercedes. She's quite rare because of her gameplay (and she is rather squishy in terms of survivability). I made the character for the link skill, kept it because I enjoyed it.

    Yep. They managed to nail the look in FWT. In MapleStory, they all look like cute kids. Which made it hilarious when I heard Phantom for the first time with his deep adult voice.
  • Few questions from an old player returning.

    Spearman has HP and survivability. It's also a mob trasher. At 4th job (level 100), it'll be able to revive with a skill.

    Page has defense and HP but is not supposed to be a power house. It can make itself and others be even more powerful thanks to a skill that raise the maximum level of party members' skills.

    Fighter is supposed to be the power house and boss hunter. In terms of survivability, it is behind the Spearman or Page, but its power is nothing to laugh at. It can raise the attack of others as well.

    It all depends on your style. Since I have a level 140 Spearman (Dark Knight), I know more about it compared to other classes. Well, I could read skills on fan sites and tell you more about them if you want. I could also find videos of them hunting/bossing for you to decide too.
  • What is your unpopular opinion?

    ^ These opinions are popular! That is a false post!
  • Arlong endorses Donald Trump

    Me don't want Trump or Hillary! Me want Black Mage! ME! WANT! MAGICAL DICTATOR AS PRESIDENT!