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  • Remove the Sol Erda Cap

    Happy Maplefest 2023! Look forward to New Age!
    btw BT 6th job is delayed for months, 6th job itself is coming two weeks later than expected, we're introducing more legacy, Sol Erda is getting arbitrarily capped at a low ceiling (for funsies), and Oz ring boxes are being nerfed! Can I get some poggers in the chat?
  • Re-request: Zero in Reboot

    I'd like to point out this is a good opportunity to do something special to keep all the returning players in the game so it doesn't get dropped after quarantines start relaxing. Adele is expected to come to us some time in the server, but a small bump in between now and then could be implementing Zero for us.
  • Re-request: Zero in Reboot

    There is no reason to not have zero in reboot at this point. All nexon has to do is fix up zero specifically for reboot.

    Honestly, they could just release it as it was the few times Zero had been accidentally create-able during creation events for regular servers. Short of being entirely unable to reroll/tier up potential on the weapon (which is the entire reason they weren't added to Reboot afaik), there isn't a bug that would stop fans from training one up. Those slip-ups only showed that it's totally possible for them to work in Reboot - they just don't allow it for seemingly no reason.
  • Re-request: Zero in Reboot

    I want to comment that it's the same missed opportunity to have another crossover event featuring Re:Zero (via Isekai) and not featuring the Zero class alongside it. I don't want to give up on being able to play this class in the non-p2w server (if you can say that after Maple Tour's addition), but I only do daily/weekly bosses then log off anyway. Like a couple of my other friends, I think this class is the only thing that could pull us back into the game.

    I think it would be a good experiment at this point for how Nexon is changing Reboot's meta. Without being able to skip to endgame potentials in a couple days, or legendary hearts, or pottable badges, it would give us and Nexon a view of how progression goes in our current state. Food for thought.
  • Re-request: Zero in Reboot

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Well when the bump is almost a year-and-a-half later and adds nothing of tangible worth...

    It may be better, in the future, to do what you did here in the first place: make another thread and link back to the old one.

    Maybe I'm in the minority but I feel like making an essentially clone thread clutters forums and is less valuable than bumping the original thread. There isn't much to add to that discussion besides a request for an update when we haven't gotten an official word on the topic for over a year.