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  • Trick for D.Roy?

    Jostabeere wrote: »
    YinYangX wrote: »

    I'm assuming you're asking this for the familiar (based on the last sentence). Most people opt. for Mutant Snail, Castle Golem, or Mr. Alli, iirc.

    Are those easier to get? But they're higher level.

    honestly at point most familiars are insanely rare
    in case of thos they are on maps people used at one point to train so makes them kinda more common of a drop

    not to point out in terms of monster type something that constantly can spawn is more common drop then something that only spawns after so long in cases with some area boss like monsters

    so mutant Snail, Castle Golem, or Mr. Alli would be more common of a drop then a D. roy familiar
  • What heppend to the servers?

    people logged on to do what they needed to do then stopped playing again/stopped playing every day and at same hours

    to be fair tho the low internet speed people kept getting dc when bars were high
    and i seen someone in ely talking about how they couldn't really play as their ngs kept crashing making maple just close on them
    (they also said sometimes it wouldnt close after they closed maplestory...)

    so im probably going say.... game issues after server merge /and the 1st thing
  • Mesos Cap 99B

    while this idea would reduce number of my characters locked to storing items i say no
    i mean all it does long run is devalue mesos and inflate price of items

    and that heavily impacts new players (seen it happen in other games)

    example is old meso cap people wanted like 5b~10b for some items needing a good 2~3 trades or unstable item offers
    after the meso cap change... people still wanted 2+x max meso for some items (where before they were buyable for 5b~10b)

    just makes the situation worse market wise
  • World Merge FAQ

    so will this effect my world medal at all?
    Demethos Pride (medal)

    hmm i wonder if i can get any good deals on rare(discontinued) items from this
    tho most said items are probably on inactive accounts at this point
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    see u guys at 7am
    nonono more 9-ish i think :D

    more like just when games up to many time zones here XD

    and pretty sure just beat super metroid speed run record by 1sec with saving the animals shame i couldn't record it and i had no witness
    wasnt expecting to get a perfect escape tho if other speed runners got what i had they could probably saved a good min or so

    more time to play classic games on original systems