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  • Remove Meso Penalty at higher levels

    Neospector wrote: »
    Droplets are not affected by level penalty no matter how high you level, only mesos and EXP are affected.

    Our rates are nerfed on both of these things when we're working on legitimate activities such as dailies and weeklies, or just farming symbols/droplets/etc. If this is all "current content" why should we be punished for having leveled?

    However it is important to highlight as you did that droplet rates aren't affected.
  • Remove Meso Penalty at higher levels

    The main issue here is that byebye is overpowered. You should WANT to continue leveling and be getting better rates for it. The whole meso progression in reboot is a mess and will probably never be sorted out in GMS.

    I do agree with the idea that being punished for leveling is horrible game design though. Specifically for players who, for example, want to continue farming in lower maps for droplets or dailies and get massively reduced or 0 mesos, and reduced exp because they're over-leveled for the content.

    They should bring back the concept of a top level cap for level based reductions, it used to be at 180. In today's maple it could be at 230.
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    "Reboot is too hard for me, pls make it easier"

    Agree with this too, but there's some legitimate complaints in the original post as well.
  • Maple Memo from the community

    So which is it:

    the spawn boosting code of kishin is trash and needs to be fixed to not negatively affect the servers


    nexon is not willing to pay for proper servers for ms1
  • Have Server-Wide Kish/Frenzy Effect as an Event

    If the most efficient way of leveling was fighting extremely high hp mobs in a group setting players would do it.

    Solostory is nexon's creation.
  • Ability to Ignore EXP Obtained

    I'm sympathetic to the request because of the absolute non-sensical scaling in this game.

    You should not feel punished for leveling up and yet here we are.