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  • Enable exp coupons for 250-275

    There's already plenty of 275s let's enable coupons now so players can hit cap without spending 800 hours doing it.

    While you're at it bring back 2x weekends.
  • Add a subscription based frenzy totem.

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    If Kishin is on the way out, Frenzy totem should be too. Kishin already got a nerf. Is it time for the same for Frenzy?
    Not even saying this as a suggestion, but more of this is probably what Nexon is trying to do.

    This is mostly a guess based on their actions lately:

    They might be "removing" frenzy as we speak by never selling it again. They seem to have decided that compensation is too complicated and are choosing to just leave legacy items in the game. This is worse than continuing to sell it as now anyone who didn't get it before is at a huge disadvantage (although frenzy is technically tradable). It certainly appears to be what they've done to badges.

    Furthermore this is the suggestion and feedback section. Removing frenzy and kishin is the WRONG direction nexon. Go try actually playing your game and see how fun it is to one shot the entire map and wait 5 seconds between spawns. You've build the game around constant action and yet you give us nothing to fight against. Honestly baffling.
  • Add a subscription based frenzy totem.

    Letting a small handful of players have frenzy, and those players charging whatever they want to sell you frenzy service is not equal footing.

    Giving everyone, or no one access to frenzy would be.

    It should be available to more than 0.1% of players.
  • Raising Auction Cap

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Your post goes on to insinuate that the auction house slots are the primary reason for mvp, and not the exp buffs, megaphones and starforce discount.

    If you want to get into this. The extra auction house slots are the only real reason to get silver mvp.

    Exp "weather" effect was removed from silver. I guess you can pay 200 or 300 per month to get these from gold and diamond though.
    1.5x coupons are garbage when you can just buy enjoyable winters for next to nothing, or better yet use one of the very plentiful 2x buffs available in game.
    Megaphones? Really people are paying 100/month for a slim chance of some daily megaphones? Ok sure.
    Starforce discount is somewhat nice yes but it stops working at the high starforce where it's actually expensive.
  • Raising Auction Cap

    Klara wrote: »
    Or it would be great if auction house expansion slots were sold separately in the cash shop... That's the only thing I have my eye on from MVP.

    Under the FM:

    24 slots for a month = 20k nx

    Under auction house:

    20 slots for a month = 100k nx

    It's no mystery what's going on here.