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  • Lotus Lasers

    There's many ways to potentially solve this issue.

    What if resistance link activated at the start of every boss phase? This would give you 1-8 seconds depending on the rank to position.

    After all it's not just lotus laser in phase 1. Will in phase 3 sometimes decides to white eye stomp you as soon as you load in.
  • World Merge is a fail for Elysium

    Accept mediocrity the wise words of Aggraphine.
  • Maybe if nexon is shutting down

    Nexon tried to sell and proved that no one wants the company, not even themselves.
  • Maple Memo Feedback: Greetings from Anna

    Link to memo: maplestory.nexon.net/news/52726/maple-memo-greetings-from-anna

    Please use this thread to add any comments / feedback on the latest maple memo. I know as players it's easy to give up on trying to communicate with nexon but if you say nothing at all it's only easier for them to walk over us.

    I'll start with my own responses:

    Welcome aboard. I wish you the best as an individual but I continue to have next to zero faith in nexon to make any improvements to this game.

    As there's not really a lot in this memo I'm going to jump right in to the only important paragraph:
    Sometimes we need to make very difficult decisions in order to make the game more balanced or stable or to discourage malicious activities. Or sometimes we have to do it to ensure that the 14 years of contents and data would not be too outdated or abused. What I want to tell our players is that maintaining a stable and enjoyable service will be our top priority so we will do our best to stabilize the game environment and to update our game with exciting contents as well as to provide information that can help our players to understand our direction. We will also consider all the various angles when we make decisions.

    I wonder if anyone at Nexon thinks it's balanced to allow 14+ years of characters to have a large advantage over every new character created after the sudden removal of all future pottable badges?

    Discouragement of malicious activities is good, but you must stop yourselves from negatively impacting players who have done absolutely nothing wrong. For example, I get that you don't want players to bot all day and night and get heaps of event rewards but the new style where we only get 200 coins per day and have purchase limits is NOT REWARDING. This is supposed to be a game - so let us play. Why has it become daily tasks of 10 minutes and afking until tomorrow?

    Stable and enjoyable service - removing limiting the availability of kishin because you don't want to pay for your servers is not something I will ever accept. I can't believe anyone at Nexon thought passing off kishin as a server stability concern was a good idea.

    This doesn't even cover the surface of the giant iceberg of issues and/or horrible changes nexon has made over the years.

    Best of luck.

    PS. whoever decided to nerf drop rates should be fired.
  • Game improvement.

    It doesn't matter what we want. We'll get what Korea determines that we want.