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  • I wrote this week's memeo for nexon

    Hi All,

    It’s Friday and that means it’s time to dump the bad news on our community while we at Nexon hide from the backlash until Monday. For the three of you that are still upset by Monday we look forward to discarding your feedback.

    As you may recall in previous memeos we are unwilling to pay for an appropriate amount of server resources to support the small increase in spawn caused by kishin and furry totem, and for this reason we have removed frenzy totem from all future cash sales. It’s only fair. If you’d like to see frenzy totem return, or increased access to the new furry totem we’ll need at least half of you to quit. That should free up enough resources!

    Next, it has come to our attention that the increased rate of obtaining rewards from elite monsters is no longer being applied. I know we said the higher drop rates were intentional, but I guess it’s not. Who knew? I guess you’ll just need to buy more NX if you want cubes.

    Finally, a quick update on some of our long-standing issues. We still have no plan to allow gollux earrings and rings to be obtained beyond the single purchase limit. Just remake your character lol. Crafted cubes will continue to not be tradable. The materials are all tradable but you can’t trade the cube. Because. Reasons.

    I look forwarding to seeing you in game. I’ll be afking in an event chair for coins. This is considered content.


    Dennis “SavageAce” Bernardo
    Lead Nerfer of all things fun and rewarding – MapleStory

    P.S. You’re never getting pottable badges.
  • New X-Scrolls in Maplehood Watch?

    There's a perfectly good scrolling system that uses spell traces. They could improve that instead of the inevitable wallet gouging that will follow this event.
  • all over the world people missing that:

    Classic maple, or rather essentially restarting maple from an old point never adding p2w and actually listening to the community would likely be successful. However nexon would never pull it off because they are incapable.
  • Maple Memo from the community

    So which is it:

    the spawn boosting code of kishin is trash and needs to be fixed to not negatively affect the servers


    nexon is not willing to pay for proper servers for ms1
  • How to fix maple in one update from a 12 year vet

    Unironically start the game over and never add pay2win, and never add cubes.