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  • We all want a merge

    Perhaps you guys could take a moment to explain at a high level what you'd like to see for alliances/merges instead or at least in addition to opposing another person's idea.

    I'd like to see merges (alliances are fine in place of a true merge). I don't think it would be a good idea to go all the way to combining scania through renegades but I imagine broni+bacon+grazed would be a good bet. We might even be able to include windia and still be on the smaller end of the scale.

    I don't have nexon's population data so I can't say for sure if that would be too many or too few.

    I would especially be interested in anyone from broni or grazed who thinks their small server is fine/shouldn't get any changes, and why.

    I know that merging all servers in not popular, but I would be surprised if very many want to see NO merges at all which is why I would be interested in hearing from those with exactly that opinion in the smallest worlds.
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    Extractors are still nice for alts without a high enough level profession to extract and/or to access the 10 item at a time extraction.

    Hyped for flames, hope we're getting stars too...

    But you know if it ends up only being flames it still gives us long term growth with how rare perfect or really good flames are.

    The good (or bad) thing about if it ends up being flames only none of our gear really changes. That's good if you don't want to have to upgrade but it means absolab and arcane* are still junk. *Except weapon, and maybe hat/shoulder depending.
  • Nexon shut down FreeMarket and leaving only Auctio

    Curious what will happen to our FM shop codes from marvel (they're in the current rotation btw and valid for 2 years) if the fm is removed.
  • Low Symbol Drop Rate

    Did all 9 haste missions grinding the whole time through.

    0 nodestone
    0 symbols

    in full drop gear, wolf, hs

    What a fun and rewarding game.
  • Can we update protection scrolls?

    I think protection scrolls and their superior equivalent should be updated to have separate rules for "scrolling" and "enhancing." I define these terms below.

    Scroll - anything that will consume an upgrade slot (or modify potential if there's any booming potential scrolls left). Ex. prime scrolls, dark scrolls, epots with boom chance, bpots with boom chance.

    Enhancement - anything that will increase stars.

    Currently protection scrolls and superior-type protection scrolls will only work up to a certain star value. They also stop working when an item is fully starred. Ex. if an item such a branch nose can only have 5 stars the protection no longer works at 5 stars.

    My motivation for this suggestion is that I believe you should not have to be punished for enhancing an item to 15 stars after transposing but there are other applications for a protection scroll update. For example, a player might star an item to full such as a lightning god ring and expect to still be able to prime scroll it only to find that protections do not work at 8 stars because the item is fully starred despite the protection scroll claiming it will work up to 12.

    Below is an example of what a player can do to "reset" an item that hits 15 stars in order to use protection scrolls:


    While this method will work to remove all the stars off your item it comes at a great cost: your main and bonus potential are reset to epic/epic. All to prime scroll 3 slots...

    Even worse, this method won't work at all if you clean slated your equip before knowing about this. If there are any free slots on the 'left side' item in the transfer hammer interface it will force you to select 100% traces and apply those.

    It seems ridiculous to have to go through these hoops when using protections above 12 stars for SCROLLING. There should not be anything game breaking about being able to protect scrolling at any starforce level. I can understand the restriction for enhancement but I believe these should be de-coupled.

    Alternatively we could just removing the boom chance from primes, or make a new scroll like prime but without the boom chance. Maybe a "special 9th anniversary prime" with lower chance to pass but 0% boom chance.