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  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Item type: NX Item
    Item name: Cloud Sea Outfit (F)
    Website link: https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/30532/cash-shop-update-for-may-2
    Image of item:unknown.png

    It's been more than 2 years since this outfit was last in rotation, would be nice to see it again.
  • Various issues with Spirit Collector set

    While the issue with the misaligned weapon has already been reported here, I'd like to make a list of all the issues I found with the set all in one place. If anyone finds any additional issues with the set let me know and I can add them here as well.

    Bug type: Cash item

    Brief bug summary:
    Below are the issues I've found so far with the outfit set:
    1. weapon is not held properly in many poses, including default one handed standing pose
    2. sleeve is missing in alert pose for both male and female overall
    3. when jumping or attacking with a bow, the weapon effect covers the back half of the hat (I might be missing other poses)
    4. when on a ladder/rope, the weapon and overall layering seems weird, part of the overall is above the weapon

    More details:
    1. Weapon in one handed standing pose is way too high, there are a few other poses where the weapon is not being held properly and looked like it's floating.
    One handed standing pose
    Stabbing pose
    I'm probably missing a lot of poses where the issue occurs, on top of my head I know shooting with a bow poses are also misaligned

    2. Sleeve is missing in alert pose, I can only wear the female overall but it happens for the male version as well

    3. When jumping or in bow attack poses, the weapon effect covers the back half of the hat.
    (Seems like the effect from the weapon might be in a wrong layer?)
    Jumping with a regular weapon (note both halves of the hat are visible)
    Jumping with the spirit collector weapon (note half of the hat is missing, I don't use bows but the same thing happens when attacking using bows)

    4. When on a rope or ladder, the weapon seems to be under part of the overall, the fox + sword part of the overall is above the weapon.
    (This doesn't happen for other weapons though, it is specific to the spirit collector weapon.)
    Spirit Collector Lantern (displayed below part of the overall)
    Other nx weapon (displayed above the overall)

    Steps to reproduce: Wear the items in the set

    Character name: TsuusT

    Character level: 251

    Character job: Luminous

    World name: Scania

    Date and time of the incident: Since the release of the set I guess...
  • The Will to Draw - Will Fan Art Contest

    IGN: TsuusT
    World: Scania
    Name of Artwork: Will
    SqueakHabijobPhantomsitoTsundereKyuDarunIlluminyeDazedxKiiChanRenniBansand 3 others.
  • Cadena & Illium Fan Art Contest [WINNERS]

    IGN: TsuusT
    World: Scania
    Name of Artwork: Cadena in Pantheon (see how great I am at naming?)
    Description: Here's Cadena in Pantheon after a really long questline...and a badly drawn Illium on the background.
    PeekAtChuSqueakEraskrskRenniDeadBotRetr0_LohdyJoTheWeirdoimthehobo123and 2 others.
  • [Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    IGN: TsuusT
    World: Scania
    Photoshop was really laggy for some reason and SAI doesn't have options for text...With some back and forth of copying text and...somehow my pixel art became more pixelated Q_Q welp...the cape/weapon/hair looks so weird now...

    Anyways, I want to create an outfit that's both cool and cute at the same time. I think a fox is the best representation of that...with dem fluffy tails and the mystical feelings of the flames...yep foxes are awesome.

    I also want my design to fit with other outfits available in Maplestory, yet bringing something unique that can enhance existing items. I chose white and blue for this reason. None of the items are too different in style that it cannot fit with other items available in the game. The items also function on their own and can be wore without other pieces of the set. The outfit is also gender neutral so it can be wore by everyone.

    I also designed hair and eyes to go with the outfit and for lolz...

    Anyways, I hope you like my design...I'm not a professional pixel artist or anything close to that (as you can tell by my pixelated pixel art =_=) but I hope the design is clear enough and I'm sure artists of Maplestory can do a much better job. I'm open to feedbacks and suggestions but I won't be near a tablet for a while so I probably can't update things...ha..haha >_<

    ...I hope the image is big enough...Maplestory sprites at the actual sizes are soooo small...

    Edit: yep the image is too small, updated it so hopefully things are bigger and a bit less pixelated, if anything click on it to see the full size image...I should also add that the weapon is suppose to be a fan that summons a fox...If the art is not clear enough...

    Thanks for the likes ^w^
    NibboJoTheWeirdoSqueakDarkpoison64PeekAtChuDazedDrakonisKimikimiPuripuffRenniand 9 others.