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January 1, 1983
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(Time goes by fast; in life we turn around and years have passed.)
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i am kind,likes to help others.
  • Old MapleStory (Pre-Big Bang)

    Lol people complain a lot about> *big bang did this* *big bang did that*!.
  • Have people stopped caring?

    DeeMon wrote: »
    I've been ksed by a Blaster hacker when I was training my Mechanic. He kept using full map attack hack and didn't care if I was there before him. He's still not banned yet, he's still on rankings, he's level 216 now. nexon is the one that doesn't care.
    nexon america doesnt care sure but nexon kr cares and to put it simply let's just say nexon america instead of nexon this way it makes it simpler.

  • Have people stopped caring?

    Albinorock wrote: »
    If this gets removed then sorry for wasting your time but,
    i believe people have stopped caring about this game level on their own or gain mesos the normal way.
    I feel like people just bot because levels are really a thing anymore. They also bot because it's easy money and it is very easy to bot in this game. Yeah reporting them "helps" but..i ran into a botter who just spammed a cooldown move non-stop. I reported him and he just said "lol" and kept going. Before they would auto-CC but now..they just don't care since they can make a new account, bot to 200.
    It's sad really. People see that botters can bot so easily without a ban so they do it themselves. And that starts a chain of botters,...
    I'm just upset at this.
    it's just that...
    The forums is not allowed naming and shaming that's why u can't list the name in the forums because u know it's the forum rules I know it's sad and hopeless, also if a botter or hackers *lols* at you one day just one day... I hope nexon kr will look into this and cares about the game and it's players cause u know nexon kr made maplestory in the first place.

  • Starforce can go f itself

    starforcing to 15 is not easy :/ it's sad it gets 100% destroyed the struggle is real!.
  • Characters having a narrator [POLL]

    What are the odds of Nexon listening and following through when it comes to suggestions?
    lol I'd say zero they never listen to player suggestion.