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January 1, 1983
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(Time goes by fast; in life we turn around and years have passed.)
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i am kind,likes to help others.
  • Characters having a narrator [POLL]

    Also,I would note that I would find it super cool if our characters had dialogue, but there were multiple dialogue choices like games like Fallout or Elder Scrolls where we can choose from the few dialogue options. Though I think that would be harder to add than omitting them altogether and just having a silent protagonist, but I don't know. What do you guys think?
    hmm... seems hard but it's worth it.

  • What main mobile games do you play?

    Maplestory M
    Tales of Link
    Final fantasy
    Brave frontier
    Soccer Spirits.
  • AND here we go again

    Honestly nobody is gonna get thr absolab weapon because of the maintainces.
    They should really give us a better compensation .
    Like we lost precious event time.
    200 override coins would be enough ;)
    either 200 over ride coins or 10 power elixir.

  • AND here we go again

    JoannaNL wrote: »
    Instead of moaning you can also see it form a positive perspective ; Maintenance is just a simple word for improving the gameplay. Developers are working to make the gameplay even more joyful for the MapleStory players. In those hours you have the time to do something else, think about playing a different game or do something in your real life. I suggest doing something with your real life since that's healthier than staring at your screen. Anyway, if there would have been maintenance everyday i could've understood the moaning, but moaning for just a 5 hour maintenance? No.
    If you really want to stay in the MapleStory environment, even when there's maintenance, you can just go post on the forum.
    u must be new here.

  • Favorite Sports

    DanteOwnz wrote: »
    Yo! Nice to see someone else interested in sports! Unlike the typical MMO couch potatoes! (lol JK! xD)
    Hmm, for me my best sports have to be weight-lifting, soccer, basketball and swimming is always fun too. ;P
    lol this is +1 and awesome nice to see a person liking sports its important irl without a sport a person would have health problems.