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  • Maple Story - Unable to connect to the game server

    I've gone back and forth with tickets for support trying to fix this problem, but they haven't given me anything helpful so far.

    They will tell you to try the solutions in the forums, even if you tell them you've already done them, so yeah, nothing.
  • game dc after character selection

    I even sent a ticket, but I don't think they made a lot of effort reading it, they gave me instructions to do a "full shutdown", so I did it but nothing has changed, and I still can't access the cash shop.
    I've tried in my desktop and a laptop.

    Currently I don't have that much time to be back and forth with tickets and trying things, but if someone finds out what the problem is and what we can do about it PLEASE tell us.
  • Unscheduled emergency maintenance?

    HuskyDM wrote: »
    I know that we just got out of a 9 hour maintenance but seeing that the bug report section is filled with skill game crashes an emergency maintenance would be useful.

    Well, I'd really appreciate that as I've been trying to enter the game, and even though I've succeeded a couple of times, just as I wanted to do something in game it either crashed, returned to the first screen with the message "unable to connect to the game server, please try again later", or returned a runtime error.

    It happened with different characters and with different actions, such as trying to enter the cash shop, the auction house, AND using skills (the runtime error happened here).

    I tried some of the known fixes for the connection to the game server and the runtime error, I reinstalled, repaired the installation and those things but nothing, soooo yeah, I think it was the update that messed up things.

    I think I'll just keep checking as it seems I'm not the only one, Bera is basically empty :o!
  • Bera Server is looking bad :(

    So far i had no problems after the patch but maybe i'm next lol

    I hope not =(