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  • Familiar Drop List Should be posted somewhere?

    Now that familars are back. - but likely a maintenance is coming as there seems to be some issues-

    its quite clear at this point that a DROP LIST should be available for familiars that currently drop in the game from the respective mob.

    I dont think anyone wants to spend hours farming a monster (or weeks/months on a boss) only to find out that it does not actually drop the familiar card.

    if there is a list somewhere hidden out there can somone link it.

    if not i think nexon should provide that drop list. since they went out of their way to update (and fix) the familiar system.

    even when we had the codex it did not show if a mob actually dropped the item still or not.'

    its about time that we had more transparency.
  • Compensating Reboot if dmt continues to fail

    I would like to say i am suprised but i am really not.

    at this point its obvious nexon has their work cut out for them and i think the best thing to do now is as follow.

    5 or more legendary potential 100% scrolls.

    70% off cube sale with no limit on the amount of cubes.for an entire day or two with a one month expiry on those cube so they can actually work on their potential and not worry about crashing

    i feel like considering the amount of time people waited for dmt plus the time wasted by players patiently waiting a second time.
    this compensation seems more than fair.

    it also means you nexon will not have to make your servers implode with a 3rd DMT if the other later ones today fail.

    btw i do not play reboot. but its really sad to see them get shanked once again,
  • Fix the regular server economy

    farming bosses on alts is a good way to make meso. only problem is it is kind of time consuming and obviously you gotta gear those alts. i had fun reading the comments here tho to say the least lmao.
  • Is Decent Holy Symbol V-matrix skill worth it?

    if you are leveling past 200 its mandatory. there is no reason to have it on. even if u have to take off a 5th job node in its place. HS should be taking 1 of your slots.
    even level 1 HS is useful. most 5th job skills have a heavy Cooldown and for merc specifically i already know 2 of the 4th job skills you start with are not that neccessary.
    you can keep your pony cus the mobility and power on that is worth the cooldown.

    tldr. make space for hs its mandatory.
  • Remove Kishin

    i would MUCH rather have base spawn increased and be i can quit my 2pc kanna because i no longer need it than whatever nonsense you are spewing.