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  • Ho young

    Same question every year. If a new class is released in summer for KMS it will be released in winter for us. If a class is released in winter for KMS, it will be released in summer for us. Everything is roughly 6 months apart. There are a myriad of posts out there that can show you this trend.
  • Maple Memo from the community

    WONDERGUY wrote: »

    so you tell players if we go all main kanna and spam kish server will crash-lag ?
    are you going to start autoban if all log on kanna & start spam kish lol ?
    from all things you can do.... cough hackers bugs cough.... you chose the one that hurts noone

    its not about 2pc meta as much as monetization
    all started with spawn its "buged" then we got the thing kanna-kish at 70% as "fix" that got nerfed with time so they can sell frenzy totem at 70%
    sure they "cant" make normal spawn without all that ****

    what happend to gradually improving our server structure ?

    comeon nexon do better... we know its just good PR-marketing tricks in memos
    sure you want money but you have to improve your product you cant keep partly bandage and copy-paste (leech) from KMS
    dont you learn from EMS and nexonEU ?
    Remember that EMS became GMS. I also feel its a matter of time until MSEA also becomes GMS. Then after that it becomes “look how many players play GMS! We’re doing something right!”
  • Maple Memo from the community

    Dear SavageAce,
    While in one sense we appreciate your Maple Memos, the last few have been nothing but one big middle finger to the fans and players of your game. Over the past few weeks, since the start of your summer update, it’s felt nothing short of a “screw you we know better” mentality. This of course isn’t just limited to this scope but let’s look at a few examples just within the past recent memory.

    Kanna Revamp
    What the hell even happened here? Not only did you break the class on release(crashes and Haku’s blessing), you also needlessly nerfed aspects from the JMS revamp. I thought the point of the revamp to make Kanna a powerful mage. One that stood up to other mages? Now, in GMS, she can barely hold the role she had as a support. If you felt the need to reduce the power of JMS that’s one thing. Not gut what the revamp sought to do. Maybe have haunting at 5% instead of 7%. Not 2. Why the needless nerf to foxfire? Moving past all of that, there are still random crashes when playing Kanna. So you really fixed nothing. From Kanna mains: Thanks for screwing us yet again.

    Fury Totem and Kishin
    When it was first announced there would be an item to co-exist with Kishin, many were filled with hope, a lot skeptical and rightfully so. Fury totem is a joke. 2k reward points for 2 hours? Omegalul. Couldn’t even do 1 day? If not that, why not 1k reward points for 2 hours? This item was suppose to help, not be borderline irrelevant. People hoped that this would stop the 2 PC Meta. While some think that’s ridiculous it’s called a “meta”(myself included) we cannot deny the fact that it’s truth. I get it, you don’t want to fully get rid of it. Doing so lowers the number of active accounts on right? If you keep your current trend than that player count will go down faster than the dislikes on Pokemon Sword and Shield videos. Do something right by your community and fix Fury Totem.

    Spawn rate and server stability
    Never have I read a bigger pile of horse crap from Nexon. When you had perma kishin in maps, the game felt more stable than it normally does. Leading to the evidence that you’re wrong about having instability because of spawnrate. You’re a multibillion dollar company. You can afford a little bit better servers that would handle the supposed bad spawnrate. And lets say this comes with a price, you need to remove kishin and fury totem. I’m sure there are a number of players out there who would be okay with this. At least it would have benefits to everyone.

    In conclusion, I laid out a few key arguing and discontent player talking points since this crummy patch. This may fall on deaf ears but maybe not. Sometimes the Maple community has made a wave loud enough to make a difference. It happens. Those who stay deserve the same loyalty we show to you. Some of us since 2005.

    The Maple Community
  • Unblock access to Masteria's Haunted house

    HuskyDM wrote: »
    Haunted mansion, Crimsonwood castle, Phantom Forest... Masteria revamp when?

    CWKPQ return when
  • Unblock access to Masteria's Haunted house

    Bringing this up again. Also please put NLC back into the Mirror of Dimension