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  • Maple Memo from the community

    Dear SavageAce,
    While in one sense we appreciate your Maple Memos, the last few have been nothing but one big middle finger to the fans and players of your game. Over the past few weeks, since the start of your summer update, it’s felt nothing short of a “screw you we know better” mentality. This of course isn’t just limited to this scope but let’s look at a few examples just within the past recent memory.

    Kanna Revamp
    What the hell even happened here? Not only did you break the class on release(crashes and Haku’s blessing), you also needlessly nerfed aspects from the JMS revamp. I thought the point of the revamp to make Kanna a powerful mage. One that stood up to other mages? Now, in GMS, she can barely hold the role she had as a support. If you felt the need to reduce the power of JMS that’s one thing. Not gut what the revamp sought to do. Maybe have haunting at 5% instead of 7%. Not 2. Why the needless nerf to foxfire? Moving past all of that, there are still random crashes when playing Kanna. So you really fixed nothing. From Kanna mains: Thanks for screwing us yet again.

    Fury Totem and Kishin
    When it was first announced there would be an item to co-exist with Kishin, many were filled with hope, a lot skeptical and rightfully so. Fury totem is a joke. 2k reward points for 2 hours? Omegalul. Couldn’t even do 1 day? If not that, why not 1k reward points for 2 hours? This item was suppose to help, not be borderline irrelevant. People hoped that this would stop the 2 PC Meta. While some think that’s ridiculous it’s called a “meta”(myself included) we cannot deny the fact that it’s truth. I get it, you don’t want to fully get rid of it. Doing so lowers the number of active accounts on right? If you keep your current trend than that player count will go down faster than the dislikes on Pokemon Sword and Shield videos. Do something right by your community and fix Fury Totem.

    Spawn rate and server stability
    Never have I read a bigger pile of horse crap from Nexon. When you had perma kishin in maps, the game felt more stable than it normally does. Leading to the evidence that you’re wrong about having instability because of spawnrate. You’re a multibillion dollar company. You can afford a little bit better servers that would handle the supposed bad spawnrate. And lets say this comes with a price, you need to remove kishin and fury totem. I’m sure there are a number of players out there who would be okay with this. At least it would have benefits to everyone.

    In conclusion, I laid out a few key arguing and discontent player talking points since this crummy patch. This may fall on deaf ears but maybe not. Sometimes the Maple community has made a wave loud enough to make a difference. It happens. Those who stay deserve the same loyalty we show to you. Some of us since 2005.

    The Maple Community

    Lucsean99 wrote: »
    The Jett class is fine very mobile. Only cons it's Mana heavy.

    OH yea 100 Post Count again.

    There is nothing "fine" about the Jett class. There is tons wrong with it.

    On another note: here's a proposed revamp I came up with for Jett, not that it would mean much but some feedback would be cool!

    Core Aura: Now gives a flat Crit Damage buff. When used on Jett 15% Crit damage at level 2, When linked, gives 5% Crit damage at level 2.

    Reduce Delay on Starline one

    Increase Horizontal Range on Space Walk

    Reduce End Delay on Vortex Jump

    Add 20 Weapon Attack at max level to Galactic Might

    Reduce delay on Starline 2

    Reduce end delay on Vortex Cross

    Incrase attack bonus to 30% on Bounty Chaser

    Cosmic Shield, change the power stance to 100%

    Reduce delay on starline 3

    Increase attack rate on Delpoy Turret

    Increase slipstream suit to 50% dex

    On Blaster Overdrive increase crit rate to 20% and weapon attack to 30%

    Increase weapon defense ignore to 30% and total damage to 20% on Calirvoyant

    Decrease delay on Starline 4 and allow directional movement

    Increase Damage on Starforce Salvo to 300% at max level and increase range by 50 to match the old 177 hyper

    Reduce end delay on Back up Beat Down, increase channel damage to 250% and increase hits to 3, Can now Jump while using this skill, Channel will be canceled when hanging on a rope.

    Reduce CD on Starfall to 30 seconds and while on CD gives a 60% chance to activate an additional attack dealing 300% damage 1 time

    Remove delay on Maple Warrior to bring it into line with other classes

    Remove stance chance on High Gravtiy, increase all stat to 30, Crit rate to 25%. and passive boss damage to 30%

    Increase Strikeforce Showdown to 400% and increase activation chance to 12% at max level

    Add final damage 20% to Giga Blaster at max level

    Remove Damage on Invincibility, now gives 25% final damage at max level

    Replace Planet Buster guard break hyper at 189 with cooldown cutter reducing cd by 50%

    Remove Starforce Salvo range increase hyper at 177, add to baseline and add Hyper to increase number of hits by 2

    While Bionic Maximizer is active, increase damage by 25%

    Reduce Singularity Shocks damage from 800% to 600%, can now activate Singularity Shock while channeling Backup Beatdown or Starforce Salvo. Increase number of monsters hit to 6, Cool down inscreased to 15 seconds.

    Add a boost node for Strikeforce Showdown which at 20 increases crit rate and 40 defense ignore on skill.

    Gravity Crush can now be used while channeling Backup Beatdown or Starforce Salvo. Increase Singularity Duration from 10 seconds to 15 seconds

    Added Jett exclusive Skill Core:
    Core Overload-> At Max level: Create a clone of yourself using the powers of Jett's core. Clone will only copy the abilities Starforce Salvo, Backup Beatdown. Clone damage is 75% of Jett's damage. Clone lasts for 180 seconds with a 200 second cooldown. Costs:1000 mp, 3000 hp. Clone attacks may also activate Strikeforce Showdown

    EDIT: Added some more details, new skill.
  • Can I have my Lumi back?

    Love it. Bossing went way up, mobbing went down. It's better this way honestly. This is how the class was suppose to be.