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  • Trash in the Re:Zero boxes.

    Is there anything that is actually worth getting from this Re:Zero event?

    Even the attendance sucks, unless I am missing something. Can anyone please enlighten me what is worth getting from this event?
  • Finally a Crossover! Re:Zero Lets discuss

    Wow.... Not one of them is random... But ALL of them are random.

    The surprise style box even comes with a sh*t load of junk and the hair style too is completely random as well. Why can't they make this event a little bit more like the SAO or the AoT one? I know they really want to make up the money lost from the dwindling player base. But like this??? They just killed the event before it even started. In fact, this is probably the reason why their player base is shrinking in the first place.
  • [LAG/STABILITY] Ongoing lag issues megathread!

    I feel sorry for you.

    But if you expect any sort of compensation from Nexon, you most likely won't be getting any, cause ya know.... Nexon?

    It's no wonder the game can't grow anymore from what it is today. Every time they manage round up a decently sized population of players, they blew them up.
  • How do you feel about the V coin limits?

    Did they nerf the drop rate of the Santa box? I used to get around 90 boxes per run consistently, now I am getting 60 boxes at best.
    I believe they did. got 50 in one Evo lab run with drop buff when previously I'd get twice or more.
    Forgot to mention I was doing DI, but yeah... seems like they nerfed the drop rate across the board.

    Seriously, Nexon? Nerfing the drop rate of santa box on top of placing a cap of 10 coins for the santa box? They are killing the ant with a wrecking ball.