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  • I say do it. You have to pay to kill Lucid, you also have to pay to play marvel. The amount you have to pay to kill Lucid is probably going to be much more than the amount you have to spend on marvel.
  • AKradian wrote: » I actually don't understand jacking prices to cover licensing. Yes, obviously they need to pay for the licensing. But if they thought that Re:Zero has so few fans in GMS, that they would need to resort to this absurd pricing to…
  • ^^ I know the ReZero random boxes were suppose to handout hair coupons as well, but even in JMS, there seems to be a lot of junk in it. I can't find any information about this ReZero event other than that. Anyone know if ReZero costume box in JM…
  • @AKradian I am actually looking forward to get some NX for those cosmetics, but those are all being hidden within those bandit boxes. Glad I can skip them as well. Also, I really like how Priscilla's outfit is much more common than everyone's…
  • Is there anything that is actually worth getting from this Re:Zero event? Even the attendance sucks, unless I am missing something. Can anyone please enlighten me what is worth getting from this event?
  • Wow.... Not one of them is random... But ALL of them are random. The surprise style box even comes with a sh*t load of junk and the hair style too is completely random as well. Why can't they make this event a little bit more like the SAO or the …
  • Is this anime that good to a point where it warrants a collaboration? I can't even stomach this anime for more than 10 episodes before calling it quit.
  • It does 10% damage... I login on my Hero today, and I died when I am looking at my reward box. It's funny how far they go to combat these Kanna mules when they already introduced game breaking crap like frenzy totem.
  • Here's the thing - all their testers say they're unable to replicate the lag bug. Even though EVERYONE FREAKING TELLS THEM THERE IS ONE. There is no testers to begin with.
  • I got temporary solution for the region select screen and a permanent solution for this entire mess. Temporary solution For the region select screen, simply just wait until the two boy and girl icon pop up or even an additional 1 or 2 minute before…
  • The fact that they put the turn-in NPC in that spaghetti room is raw testament to the FACT that they DO NOT CARE about people having extreme FPS lag problems in that room, to the point that they wind up DCing or just have to pray they can get out in…
  • No, it's not just you. A lot of people are having event hall lag as well and Nexon most likely won't be fixing it either.
  • At least you got 3. I can't even attempt the jewel crafting, since the event hall is all f'ed up for me and a lot of other people. I sure hope Nexon remember to include the SS ring on the next marvel machine
  • Yea, right. Just another ploy to regain user's trust.
  • Didn't see anything moon bunny related in the scheduled minor patch. I guess the only solution is just to keep those jewel until the next jewel crafting event. Hope you guys got enough etc slot to store those jewel until the next event or.... GET …
  • The format of the contest was done by votes. A LoL player would vote his/her game in any category. Just like Maplestory fans would vote their fav game in any category their game was nominated. It's literally a popularity contest that can be voted …
  • I still have no idea why Nexon absolutely refuse to bring the stupid bunny out of the event hall. Next week will be the final stand for this jewel crafting event. If they don't bring the moon bunny out of the event hall by then, get ready buy thos…
  • Oh please by the way.... Can we also bring the moon bunny out of the event hall? This crap is driving me nuts.
  • @Orblit I really have doubt with what you just said. I consider myself a very unlucky person, but 6 hours with 0 drop? Sure you aren't exaggerating? Anyways, I get about 20~60 every 3 hour of 2x session as a Hero. The nodestone drop rate is very i…
  • I hate being a necromancer. But seriously... Can we please just delete all the npc that lags the event hall? This few npc has came to a point where it is causing more harm than good, they won't be missed anyways.