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  • Got perma banned on my main (kanna)

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Here's why these things are kept off the forums as much as the mods are able to: for all I or anyone else knows, you both botted your way to your levels. Want to deny it? You wouldn't be the first ones to insist on your innocence until it comes out that, whoops, you actually did the do.

    Sounds like a pretty unfair accusation, doesn't it? But all you can really counter with is "I swear I'm legit, no really". Which gets you about as far as "I didn't hack, it was my brother on my account. I got up for five minutes I swear". That's why this sort of thing is no longer given a place on the forums. It just ends in a mess.

    Oh so now you are saying now that WillOfKishin is lying (without any proof of this yourself might i add ) and that he does not have a right to complain or air his grievances on this issue ? Also I am wondering why you think you have the right to specify what people can and can't post on these forums. Personally i think that as you are NOT a forum moderator yourself ( athough I am sure you wish that you were judging by your posts) that you let the moderators do THEIR job and let them decide what people can or can not post.
  • [NOTICE] Compensation for Unscheduled Maintenance

    Thanks for telling us CAravela.

    I can login too but like u I can't trade etc and my EQUIPS have not been fixed YET! So - 60billion plus for me

    HOwever I am so happy I can login atleast.

    Thanks NEXON.