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  • [NOTICE] Compensation for Unscheduled Maintenance

    I am one of the players Affected by this issue too: https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us/articles/217239386-Temporarily-blocked-after-11-30-Unscheduled-Maintenance

    Actually, I had a lot of very high value items on my account that were in my shop/merchant affected by this problem so I understand if NEXON needs more time to fix this as it can't be that easy to get the same tiers back with the EXACT same stats, scrolling aside.

    I would like to know however if it would be advisable to do Marvel today since we really don't know how long this will take yet.

    On a side note I am upset a little like the other players about the inconvenience, I too was looking forward to playing and getting my Night Lord from L223-L224 during these 2x events. Also I merchant during marvel so its an unfortunate in deed that we still can't login.

    So yeah while I understand NX is doing their very best to fix this tricky problem and will continue to be patient with them for good reason, I do think at the same time that the compensation we will be given is inadequate considering the amount of downtime those of us affected are having and what we are missing out.

    This includes:

    1.Loss of rewards points form Daily bosses.

    2. Loss of cubes from Daily bosses ( I have 230% drop equips )

    3. Not being able to get daily V coins and nodes.

    4. Missing out on sales from our Mushy shops at a prime sales time.
    5. Missing out on Marvel and marvel merchanting opportunities.

    6. Missing out on 2x exp events

    7. Missing out on playing at such a fun time with our buddies.

    Good luck with fixing the issue Nexon, I know you are doing your best and please continue to keep us updated.