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  • a lot of crashes on any map with elite boss

    I'm afraid it crashes too when there's no elite monster, just in the presence of regular mobs. I was trying to grind at Ancient Gollems in Future Perion, but I couldn't kill 1 gollem before the whole game crashed. I logged back in, crashed withing 5 seconds of standing still in the map while the mobs moved at their usual rhythm. I crashed 5 more times, before I managed to stay online long enough to click the Maple Guide thingie and teleport to Vanishing Journey, where I stopped crashing. I tried with a different character, to see if the problem where my skills or what, and the same happened: crashed as soon as I started to fight, couldn't stay online long enough to go somewhere else, managed to rescue the character by clicking the Guide and teleporting to Vanishing Journey. :/ It seems I can only stay at cities or at Tranquility Falls without crashing or, at the very least, lagging like hell. :(
  • [Possible Solutions] MapleStory Not Launching

    I don't know what else to do. The game was working perfectly up until yesterday. I played for a few hours, logged out to log in with a different account and couldn't because the game wouldn't launch. I gave up trying and now I'm still unable to play, because the game simply won't launch. I've tried all the solutions, and nothing works. The launcher opens, I play PLAY, it says "currently in-game" and nothing happens. If I check the Task Admin, there's a MapleStory.exe process running, but nothing happens, the game won't open. I tried restarting my computer, and nothing. Nothing works, and I don't understand why. It was all fine until yesterday! T_T

    Anyone have any idea why it was working fine and then it stopped working? T_T

    Thank you.
  • We all want a merge

    I don't see the point in continuing a discussion, when this thread is rapidly declining to be something of a lame "political campaign" where "the voice of the people" and "let the merge begin", among other slogans, are thrown around, even though they contribute nothing and accomplish nothing. :P

    I appreciate this thread has become the go-to place to anyone who's wondering about this subject, and that other threads are merged into this one, since it doesn't make much sense to have 1000 threads, written by the same people, all saying the same old things over and over again. But the conversation is already pointless, in my opinion. So I won't be posting here anymore. I don't want to continue to get involved in useless fights using fallacious arguments, or even some things that don't even resemble actual "arguments", and I don't see the point of repeating myself over and over, just to make *my personal opinion* stay visible in this monstrous thread. Plus, whatever we say that doesn't fit with the so-called "majority" gets immediately treated as "crazy", "irrational", "stupid", "selfish" and other stuff, which makes it even more pointless to continue trying to argue about it. People will think whatever they want to think, and that includes me, of course. I will continue to think the way I do, those who disagree with my views will do so too, and nothing will be gained from this fruitless exchange.

    It is clear to me that this issue will continue to go on and that some people will continue to claim capacities, authorities, facts and truths they don't really have. It is also clear to me that, whatever happens, whenever it happens, it will be up to each and every one of the active players of the game to decide whether we agree with the implemented solution, whether we take part in it and carry on or whether we say good bye to this game for good, regardless of what some people who dream of being the "representatives of the people", "the overwhelming majority" or whatever may think or say.

    My final words will be to say this one last time, just for the sake of it (well, if people can turn this into a political rally, I can repeat myself one last time to say the same thing I already said... ¬_¬):

    1. I am someone who plays in Windia, one of the allegedly "dead servers", and I DO NOT WANT A MERGE. I don't want one now, I won't want one in the future.

    2. I am among the people who will almost surely stop playing this game for good if something as drastic and unbearable were to happen.

    3. I want to make it perfectly clear that the people in this thread who claim to know "what the people want", who claim to be "the voice of the people" or to represent "the majority" of the people in game DO NOT have my personal endorsement. They DO NOT speak for every single active player in this game and they most certainly DO NOT SPEAK ON MY BEHALF or "represent" me. I speak for myself. I don't need nor want "representatives".

    That being said, I take my leave.

  • We all want a merge

    Trystarr wrote: »
    Riza, first you have to know what the interests of Nexon are, youre not an employee or executive of Nexon to even being to understand what their big picture is. There's already a large population in Bera, so who is the majority youre referring to? The large majority of those that want to be in Bera but aren't? what do Berans have to say about the merge? They probably don't care since theyre already in Bera. Riza, you make the least sense from the bunch.

    Nexon's interests are profit, atleast primarily as they are a business. They must still be making a profitable amount off of Maplestory to not take immediate action, but I honestly don't think that's sustainable considering how widespread these complaints are in the less populated servers. The problem is maplers in Bera are probably relatively content, they have less of a reason to protest this issue. But I've heard enough people in my server voice their complaints about the low population. There is a significant portion of the population that are pissed about this that are in less populated servers, why wouldn't they atleast merge them together? Just look at how popular this thread is. Even if you or anyone disagrees, I know you can't claim the current server set up is ideal so something needs to change or else they risk a lot of maplers quitting because of this issue.

    I honestly think that they risk losing players both ways, because no solution will ever make "everyone" happy. That's the sad thing about this. No matter how much we talk and how much time we spent arguing, they decision they make will not make us all happy. There will always be someone who disagrees, someone who thinks it's too little or too much, someone who claims they were not playing at the time X thing happened so it should be re-done, etc. If they don't merge worlds, people will claim they don't listen to them, they hate the status quo, then quit. If they do merge servers, people like me, who are against that, will also feel ignored, will hate the consequences and will quit too. So, either way, the game is going to lose players. The ones in favor of the merge claim they are the "majority" so they should be listened to, because the game would theoretically lose more players if their claim isn't heard. I respectfully disagree with that clam, but no one can know for sure. Plus, I think the game will lose players either way, regardless of this particular matter, for all sorts of reasons. It has been losing players for years, and not only because of the theoretical "dead" state of the worlds. *shrugs*

    Theoretically, that's why you're supposed to go with the "majority": because that way you're supposed to make the most people happy with your decision. But what that is isn't so clear here or ever. If something wins 51% over 49%, yes, the "majority" wins, but the "minority" is almost as big as the majority anyways, so that's still a lot of unhappy people that thought the contrary and that didn't get their way. In this particular case, it's the same. As much as some claim they "know for a fact" that there's a "majority" behind the desire of a merge, you can see by this very same thread that the people who argue against and for a certain position are basically the same over and over. It's not like this long thread is the product of thousands of different people posting. It's the product of the same dozen or so people who keep replying a lot to each other, basically.

    I think that no one, none of us, not even Nexon itself, really knows what the "majority" of the players would want. Sure, some people claim to "know" what the "majority" wants, because it's what they want. I could say the same thing and no one could refute my claim because who knows what I truly know or what I don't, who I talk to or not? No one but me. :P

    And then it comes another aspect of this issue: this "majority" must include ALL players (currently active or not, both in-game and in the forums) or just the ones that are active? And, within the active ones, should it include only the ones that are active in-game or the ones that are active both in the game and in the forums? I can tell you from first-hand experience that what people say in forums isn't necessarily exactly the same that people would say in game, and that there are many who play the game actively but never ever go to the game's homepage, let alone participate in this or any other forum. So, who's the real "majority"? How can we determine that this "majority" has prevalence over that "majority" or over the overall "majority"? We can't and we don't know. Not to mention that the argumentum ad populum is nothing but a fallacy, regardless of what you're arguing about. ^_^UU
  • is it just me or

    Ohhhh, that's what caused that message?! I kept thinking "WHAT EFFECT?!" xD LOL