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  • Can we discuss the forum rules?

    Criticism of a company allows for players to shape the service the company is providing them to a collective's needs, wants and desires. It not only elevates any toxicity that consumers have against the company, but it allows for corporations to maximise productivity and profit if the consumers are happy.

    A more localised issue here is that transparency is an issue between consumers and corporations. Having users PM instead of having an open discussion is absolutely disgraceful. It inhibits the community to call out on FUD that community managers may impose on players (even when we get called out, it really should be a two-way street); When threads are continuously being locked creates a sense of authoritarian silence of sensitive material ultimately infuriating others - people need a clear, concise and transparent explanation. It's not only delusional to think that a locked thread can shut people up, but it also hurts the company's image - As can be seen by OneLetter's obvious damage control thread.

    Sure, the forum member may have spoken out of line on a fansite in regards to the structure of the Official MapleStory forums - and it was a tad too aggressive, but simply banning, locking and shutting up players, creating rules that are not apparent on the rules of conduct for forums and creating bland and non-specific hurts the viability of constructive criticism, the company image and releasing the toxicity of a community.
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest


    1. Discovered in the Verne mine, Boron has become the 5th Element discovered. It looks like Boron is really good for rocket fuel to fly up to Grandis. Interesting enough, it is also Cygnus' element of choice. In celebration of her favourite element in the MapleWorld, she requests that you give her 100 boron pieces so that she has enough rocket fuel for her fave pal Neinheart and Shinshoo to go to Grandis and rule over the Grandis people.

    2. The Fith element for the 10th year of MapleStory... It is no coincidence that the elemental mass of Boron is 10.811.
  • The Future Of Maple Story

    You see, MapleStory is still an amazing game.

    Nexon does care about their players in their own way. KThxByeNao is an amazing contributor to our needs. He is constantly rooting for change and is always ensuring a quality of care towards us players. Nexon reads every forum post, every last word and they take everything into account. Nexon, the company is listening, is reading... KThxByeNao is rooting for us.

    The community managers current and past have always rooted for the players and they're always reading, always listening and always there to heed our concerns.