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  • Community Topic Regarding Suicide Kanna

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    We'll update the community when we can.
    ie in the next 2 years...
  • Moving away from gender-centric systems

    MagicDoors wrote: »
    As a transgender individual it makes me sad when I'm unable to express myself how I wish, and having these changes implemented would be a fantastic step in the right direction for having an inclusive experience for all minorities. I sincerely hope this is something that is at least considered.

    I mean you could choose the opposite gender already and most NX equipment these days are unisex (even the 'feminine' ones). Some royal hairs/faces are very similar in each rotation for both genders that most of the time I can't even tell who's a male character or female. The way you're wording it is that you're simply bothered with gender binaries just being there at all and wanting something that is mostly a remnant of old maple be removed as a kind of statement.
  • These totems should be transferable within account

    They should at least make it so that we could trade in 3 dark totems of any class for a single dark totem of your class, just in case you don't get it after 3 years of non-main dark totems.
  • Please get rid of Kishin already

    Can the GMS team actually tell us what's going on with the Kishin situation before they hit the switch? Memos are great and all but I don't want a memo saying something like 'we've thought long and hard and have come to the decision to nerf kishin permanently and will compensate it with a small change (15% mob exp etc) we are sorry and will strive to make the game better'.

    There was a moment in the nexon Q&A where a twitch streamer (Matt) inquired about the Nebulite-Flame situation and Savage Ace said something like 'would you guys like to have flames instead of Nebs?' (to which Matt responded in the affirmative). I believe this moment actually solidified Nexon's decision to replace Nebs with Flames and it was all due to a simple exchange.

    I bring up this instance of communication not to derail the thread but to demonstrate the effective act of consulting players PRIOR to major changes. Since Kishin affects the majority of players, I propose that we the players should democratically decide the fate of Kishin.
  • Stone Tooth Sword

    Back in my day, we had 601 attack stonetooths